World Guard Zones

Apr 17, 2015
World Guard Zones
  • WorldGuard zones are available for purchase in game and they provide many advantages over non-protected zones. WorldGuard zones allow you to turn PvP off inside your zone, you can allow only certain players to build in your zone, and you can even set a greeting and farewell message everyone sees when they enter and exit your zone.


    $40,000 per each 500 blocks (length and width only)​


    25x25 = $50,000 (minimum price)
    50×50 = $200,000
    100×100 = $800,000
    200x200 = $3,200,000​

    Zones are automatically created from bedrock to the sky unless otherwise requested

    How to request a World Guard Protection:

    1. Decide what type of zone you want:​

    Should everyone be allowed to build?
    Do you want a greeting?
    Do you want a farewell?
    Any other flags (see flags below)?
    2. Decide what size zone you will need.

    3. Ensure you have enough money.

    To check the price of a zone take the width and multiply it by the length, then multiply that by 80.
    4. Go to the area you would like the zone located.

    5. If you are unsure of the size follow the same instructions for marking a cuboid here.

    6. If you know the size mark one corner with a block of wool.

    7. Type /pe open I would like a [size] worldguard at this location.

    8. Because there are so many options for zones you must be online when the zone is created.
    Available Flags:

    greeting - Displays a message when a player enters a zone.
    farewell - Displays a message when a player leaves a zone.
    pvp - Disables or enables PVP inside a zone.
    potion-splash - Disables or enables potion splash in a zone.
    interact - Allows people to interact with entities (tripwire, armor stands, non-lethal mobs, etc.)
    use - Allows people to use buttons, doors, levers, etc. in a zone.
    * build - Disables or enables building (even for people not added to the zone).
    * chest-access - Disabled or enabled chest access (even for people not added to the zone).
    * mob-spawning - Stops all mobs from spawning in a zone.
    * deny-spawn - Stops a specific list of mobs from spawning in a zone.

    * These flags should never be changed in normal cirucmstances. Building is automatcially disabled for players who are not added to a zone and the same is true for chest access. The only time these flags should be set is if you intend to allow everyone to build inside a zone and are only using the zone for something like a no PVP zone.

    * Only for use by players who are ranked Titan or Legend. One of these flags may be set, but not both! These flags can only be set in one of the player's worldguards!

    To request a flag be set in your zone please open a PE. If you are opening a PE for a greeting or farewell please include in the PE the message you would like to display. If you are opening a PE for mob spawning or mob damage please include a list of animals that you want to include in the flag.​

    Example 1:

    /pe open I would like a 100x100 worldguard here
    Example 2:

    /pe open worldguard position 1
    /pe open worldguard position 2
    Example Flag Request 1:

    /pe open please turn chest-access on for all players, even if they are not added to the zone.
    Example Flag Request 2:

    /pe open please add a greeting "Welcome to MutinyCraft" in yellow to this zone.​