World Guard Zone Rules

May 30, 2013
World Guard Zone Rules
  • If a player has built a house, farm, or any other structure in a World Guard owned by another player the following guidelines/Rules will apply:

    The owner of the World Guard is allowed to set any Rules they feel necessary (within the server Rules) before allowing a player to build inside their World Guard.

    The player building must agree to the Rules via a forum post, forum message, private message (screen shot recommended), or a public chat message (screen shot recommended).​

    If the player of the house griefs any area other than the permitted area inside the World Guard they may be removed from the zone immediately after given a chance to remove their house.​

    If they fail to remove their things in a timely manner (1-2 weeks) they will be removed for them.​

    If a player is inactive for over 3 months with no mention of taking a break via the forum they will be essentially forfeiting their right to their area inside the World Guard.

    This only applies to World Guards that are owned by someone other than the player being considered inactive.​

    This does not apply to World Guards that were placed after the player has built.​

    If the date of creation on the World Guard is unknown it will be considered that it was placed before the player being considered inactive built in that location.​

    Support Admin or Admin should always verify that it is safe to remove/alter a building before any action is taken. ​

    If an owner of a World Guard sells the World Guard the buyer will allow previous members of that World Guard to be grandfathered in.

    This means they will not be evicted unless they are inactive in accordance with the previous guideline.​

    This also means that new Rules cannot be created in an attempt to force a player to inadvertently break a rule in order to get them evicted.​