Wasteland Rules

Jan 18, 2014
Wasteland Rules
  • Wasteland is a world that is primarily designed for resource gathering. This world is not intended to be used as a building world as it resets very frequently.

    Wasteland Features

    • PVP is enabled for all players regardless of faction status.
    • TNT is enabled.
    • Explosion damage to players and blocks is enabled.
    • All mob types are enabled.
    • Grief is not against the Rules in this world (inappropriate builds are still bannable).
    • Locked items are not allowed.
    • Warps are not allowed.
    • World guards are not allowed.
    • Cuboids are not allowed.
    • Wasteland is generated as amplifiied.
    • Wasteland is 1000x1000.
    • Wasteland is set to hard difficulty.

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