Mar 23, 2015
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    This rank is the rank following Commander and is the final rank faction Leader rank of the server. This is the most prestigious and difficult leadership rank to get. Most people will never achieve this rank and anyone who has achieved the rank of Titan should be respected. Not only does this rank have all skills, abilities, and perks of all the other ranks combined you also get the ability to: turn off lethal mob spawning in one of your zones, check and report grief, and add and remove players to any zone that you own.
    Skills Available:

    • Commander rank
    • 4000 Power Level with at least 100 in each skill besides taming.
    • Never Been Banned for grief, bug abuse, or glitch abuse.
    • Must have a faction with at least 15 members and an impressive faction base.
    • Must pass the staff discussion and Voting phase.
    • Able to pay a $1,000,000.00 fee for the zoning, warp, and new permissions.
    Staff Discussion and Voting:

    In order to receive the rank of Titan on MutinyCraft a player must meet all the requirements above. These requirements include a discussion and vote by the Support Admins of the server. During this phase the Support Admins are allowed to discuss all aspects of how a player interacts in game with other players. This discussion can take anywhere from 1 week to 1 month. After an adequate discussion has been achieved the Support Admins will then vote whether or not they believe the player should receive the rank of Titan. This is the final step in determining if a player will receive the rank of Titan. If the staff votes no during this step a player must wait 3 months before attempting to acheive the rank of Titan again.
    Rank Retention:

    The rank of Titan is not a permanent rank in the sense that once you meet the requirements above you are not guaranteed to always retain the rank of Titan . In order to retain the rank of Titan you must keep your faction member count above 15 members at all times. If your faction drops below the required 15 members you will have two weeks to increase the number of members in your faction to 15 or more. A Titan with 14 or less faction members for more than two weeks will be demoted to the rank of Commander. If a Titan loses his/her rank due to not having enough members that Titan will retain the Titan world guard and warp, but will have the other Titan privileges removed.

    If a player is banned while holding the rank of Titan that player will lose all of the Titan perks. This includes the Titan world guard and warp. In order to regain these perks a player must go through the staff discussion and Voting phase again.

    Request Titan Consideration:

    If you are a faction owner and meet the requirements above you are allowed to request a consideration for Titan. In order to make this request simply message Jigsaw on the forum and inform him of your interest in obtaining the rank of Titan.
    Current Titans:

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