Apr 18, 2015
  • Server ip:
    Password: mutinycraft

    Installation Guide (open)

    First, you can find the download link here:

    You'll then need to choose to download the Client for the operating system you're running on you computer. [​IMG]

    After it's finished downloading, open the folder and run the install. It should put you at the following picture.


    From here, click next through the Licence agreement and I recommend keeping all the default settings. Then click install and let it finish the process. Once completed simply close it out run the application.


    When the application opens, you then need to click Connections in the top left of the screen click Connect or (Ctrl+S).


    You'll then insert the following information in the corresponding text box.
    Server Address:
    Nickname: <Your IGN>
    Server Password: mutinycraft

    Then click Connect.


    That's the last step in joining our Team Speak 3 server and getting connected!

    Any player owning a faction, or with the rank of Prodigy+, interested in requesting their own private channel may request it here. If you'd like it to be Password Protected, please Private Message it to Jigsaw or @I_Hate_Lag_ .

    *Note - I highly recommend you set a hotkey for Push-To-Talk to keep down on echo and feedback. You can see the tutorial how to set it up below.

    Push-to-talk Guide (open)

    This is a simple tutorial to show you how to set up and customize a "Hot Key" for Push-To-Talk in Team Speak 3.

    From the main application screen, press Settings at the top of the page and then Options.


    Next you'll click on Hotkeys in the left bar, and then on Add near the bottom center of the page.


    From here, you'll next assign the key you want to use as your HotKey for Push-To-Talk. Click the arrow next to Push-to-Talk to expand the menu, then double click where it says Default. At the next screen, the next button pressed will be the the key you select for the HotKey


    For this example, I'll use the Left Shift for my Hotkey.

    *Note: If used while playing Minecraft, this will activate every time you "Sneak" in game, or cause you to crouch when you want to speak. Use any HotKey you prefer.

    You'll see that it will recognize which key you selected above. From here, just click Ok and return to the main menu.


    You can confirm once more at the next screen which Hotkeys you have created for different features in Team Speak 3. Using this same tutorial, you can choose to toggle on and off such things as your speakers and microphone with the push of a button! Just simply click Ok once more to finish and you're then ready to connect to the server :)


    Mobile Installation Guide [BETA] (open)

    This will be a tutorial on how to join the Team Speak 3 server with your mobile Android operated device :)

    First, you need to make sure your device meets the following requirements as recommended from TeamSpeak3 forums here:

    • Make sure your phone meets the system requirements:
      • You need a phone with at least an ARMv7 CPU (hardware FPU required).
      • Your device needs to be running at least Android 2.3.3
      • CPU Speed of at least 800Mhz
      • Your device needs to have the Google Play Store installed.
      • Wireless or at least 3G connection is advised (you may experience odd behavior due to packet loss otherwise)
    • Go to your system settings and then choose "Security" (Android 4.x) or "Applications" (Android 2.x) and check the "Untrusted Sources" option to allow installation of applications not received through the Google Play store.

      View attachment 1665
    From here, you'll need to have a QR scanner on your device. Simply open the Google Play Store and search for the app called QR Droid. From here, you can simply open the app and point it at your computer screen to scan the code from the link above.

    View attachment 1669

    View attachment 1668

    Otherwise, you can click the link next to the QR Code, from your device, to do the same thing.

    View attachment 1670

    Once the download is complete, simply open the TeamSpeak App and make a New Bookmark and fill in the info. All the information needed can also be found here.

    View attachment 1666

    View attachment 1667

    From here the last thing to do is to Save and Connect to the server and join the rest of Mutiny on Team Speak! :)

    Credit to Neofox07