Apr 3, 2016
  • Server Rules:

    Make sure you read and understand all of these rules. We understand you may not read all of the information right away, but at the very least read the rules that are in green. If you don't understand a rule click the "More Information" button or ask a staff member to clarify in game.

    You will not last long on this server if you do not read and understand the rules.


    No excessive swearing.
    More information (open)

    You should keep the chat at a PG-13 level. This means you should refrain from heavily swearing, making sexual references or jokes, and talking about drugs or alcohol.

    Example of what is okay: "Sh*t, I just died with all my diamonds!"
    Example of what is not okay: "Dude, you are a piece of sh*t! Go die!"

    We understand that there are players here that may not be offended by such language and topics, but there are still people who will get offended by it and for that reason we ask that you keep the chat clean.

    No harassment of other players.
    More information (open)

    Everyone is playing here just to have fun. That means harassment, degrading comments, insults, spreading of lies, broadcasting a player's real name or information, or anything of this nature will not be allowed. There will be absolutely no tolerance for this type of behavior.

    We understand that people will joke around and have fun with each other, but just make sure the other person is going to take it as a joke.

    No spam.
    More information (open)

    Keep the chat clear and easy to read. Do not repeat the same thing over and over in a short amount of time. Do not write messages that are in all capital letters. Even if it is just one single message if it is written with capital letters it will be considered spam.

    No disrespect towards staff.
    More information (open)

    The staff are here to help the players and that is their primary job. Remember that all Moderators are normal players though and they may not be able to assist you instantly when you need help. Be patient when asking for help and you will be helped as soon as a staff member can assist you.

    If a staff member asks you to do something you should do what they say if it is within the rules of the server. Treat the staff with respect and we will return the favor.

    Any issues with the staff should be forwarded to Jigsaw via a private conversation on the forum. You should never argue with any staff member in global chat and this will surely get you banned if it happens.

    No excessive arguing/fighting.
    More information (open)

    Everyone is going to have a disagreement at some point in time with another player. If at all possible, you should work to resolve all disagreements via a private message in game and not in global chat. If you are debating a topic in global chat keep it as mature as possible and do not turn it into a personal attack on another player. If a disagreement lasts for a significant amount of time or is completely spamming the chat you will likely be asked to stop.

    If there is an argument that you can not work out you should contact a staff member for assistance either in game or via a private conversation on the forum.

    No posting links in chat.
    More information (open)

    It is not possible for the staff to screen every link for malicious content and for that reason you are not allowed to post any links in chat. The only exception to this rule is links that lead directly to this website or links that are pre-approved by a staff member.

    If you do need to post a link that leads to this website, please shorten the URL using or an equivalent URL shortening service.


    No pillaring.
    More information (open)

    Pillaring is placing blocks in 1x1, 1x2, 2x2, or similar pattern that protrudes straight into the air. If you are working on a building you are allowed to pillar. You are not allowed to pillar to get over a wall that is not yours, reach a player's building that is in the air, or just "so you can look around". If a pillar is found you will likely be forced to remove it, but you may also be banned.

    No tunneling.
    More information (open)

    Tunneling is purposely digging underneath a wall, house, or into a mine that is not yours. This mainly pertains to PVP and the fact that you are not allowed to create a tunnel to get underneath a structure that is not yours and you are not allowed to create a tunnel to kill a player who is underground.

    No grief.
    More information (open)

    If it isn't natural or you didn't build it you should not destroy or build near it. There is absolutely no tolerance for grief and if you are found to have griefed you will be banned and rolled back.

    If you are griefed you should contact a staff member immediately for assistance.

    No building within 20 blocks of another player's structure.
    More information (open)

    Players are going to want to expand their buildings and for that reason you are not allowed to build within 20 blocks of any structure that is not yours. This includes houses, farms, fenced off areas, warp rooms, shelters, grinders, and any other player-built structure.

    This rule does not pertain to a sign, torch, single block, or any other non-structure. If you are unsure if you can build somewhere always ask a staff member and they will gladly help you.

    No inappropriate builds.
    More information (open)

    You should not build anything that is likely to offend any other players. This means you should not build swastikas, inappropriate body parts, signs with inappropriate text, and anything that may be offensive within reason.

    Of course just because someone says something is offensive does not mean you can't build it. If it isn't mentioned above ask a staff member if you feel it may be offensive. If a building offends you then you should contact a staff member and they will determine whether or not it is appropriate.


    No harassment killing.
    More information (open)

    Some players do not enjoy to PVP and are not interested in joining a Peaceful faction. For that reason we have a rule that allows players, not in a PVP Faction, to be protected from harassment killing. If a player is a member of a PVP faction this rule will not apply.

    If a player, who is not in a PVP Faction, is not fighting back you may not kill him/her more than two times within a 30 minute period.

    Fighting back includes attacking in any form, being present at a warp that is being advertised as PVP, being present at a PVP faction base, and trying to kill a player by any other means (lava, fire, etc.). If you have any questions about whether a player is considered to be fighting back please ask a staff member before you continue to kill them.

    Fighting back does not include building, farming, wearing armor, or warping to an area that has not been advertised as PVP. If you have any questions about whether a player is considered to be not fighting back please ask a staff member.

    No crying when you are killed.
    More information (open)

    You are going to die in PVP, PVE, or by some other means. It is understandable to be upset when you die and there is nothing wrong with that. However, that does not mean you are allowed to sit and complain in chat about dying.

    If a player gets your items and does not want to return them, that is just too bad. If you are killed while you are just trying to build, that is too bad. If you are killed while afk, that is too bad. If you are killed because of a lag spike, that is too bad.

    No killing staff or players in the area of an issue while a staff member is performing duties.
    More information (open)

    Moderators on this server do not have any form of god mode and for that reason you may not attack them while they are performing staff duties. Staff duties include investigating grief, checking a player's house for a rank up, confirming a bug/glitch, and any other official staff duty that may not be listed here.

    If you accidentally kill a staff member while they are on duty you must return every item you got from them. Failure to immediately return these items could result in a ban from the server.


    No scamming.
    More information (open)

    If you agree to perform a service, provide an item, or agree to the terms of a written statement you must follow through with this agreement. Failure to follow through with any agreement that all parties agreed to is against the rules and could result in a ban.

    No PVP or building at warp wilderness for players who are not new to the server.
    More information (open)

    If you are Tycoon, Supreme Warrior, or any other higher rank you are not allowed to PVP or build any structure within 300 blocks of warp wilderness. This does not include structures that were built before the warp was created or structures that were built while you were a rank that is lower than Tycoon/Supreme Warrior.

    Warp wilderness is for new players to start out. This area should be left alone unless you are a new player. New players do not want to be harassed when they are just starting out. Give them a chance to get ranked up.

    The only exception to this rule is player built shops. Any rank is allowed to build a shop at warp wilderness as long as it is used only for selling and buying items.

    No cheating (Xray, PVP cheats, etc).
    More information (open)

    You are not allowed to use cheat clients, modifications that offer an unfair advantage in PVP, modifications that offer an unfair advantage while gaining XP, modifications that allow you to go afk and perform an action that would otherwise require you to be at your computer, and any other form of cheating as determined by an Admin.

    This means that you are not allowed to use clients like Nodus. It also means you are not allowed to use mods that offer you full brightness, auto equip of armor, auto equip of weapons, auto fire of bows, chest finder, x-ray, jump, speed, kill aura, aim-bot, macros (setting home, fishing, warp, grinding) or any other mods that are similar to that previously mentioned.

    You are allowed to use mini Maps, inventory management mods (as long as it does not auto equip items), and performance increasing mods like optifine.

    If you are unsure if a modification is legal you are responsible for asking a staff member.

    No abusing glitches/bugs.
    More information (open)

    Minecraft is notorious for having bugs and glitches. Once you add a bunch of plugins to minecraft it becomes even more likely that you will run into some sort of a bug or glitch. For that reason if you find a bug or glitch you should report it immediately.

    Notable bugs/glitches that will result in a ban if they are used:
    • Iron Golem farms.
    • Zombie Pigman farms.
    • Glitching through doors or walls by relogging or setting home.
    If for some reason you are found to have abused a glitch or bug you will likely face a ban.

    No lag causing griders, xp farms, etc...
    More information (open)

    When you are not the only person that plays on a server you need to be respectful of that. For that reason creating grinders, xp farms, or anything else that may cause lag is not allowed. This is not done to punish anyone or limit what can be achieved on MutinyCraft. Rather, this is to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone who plays.

    Examples of things that are not allowed:
    • Enderman farms
    • Automated piston powered grinders that run continously

    No advertising other servers.
    More information (open)

    This server is not the place to recruit or discuss any other minecraft server. You are not allowed to advertise websites, IPs, URLs, or names of any other minecraft server. This includes all forms of communication provided by the server. (mail, pm, global chat, Faction Chat, signs, Teamspeak, forum, etc.)

    No impersonating a staff member.
    More information (open)

    This includes claiming you are a staff member in chat, wearing a current staff members skin (unless that staff member is okay with it, or you had it first), using the web chat (IRC) with the name of a current staff member, and any other action that may make other players confuse you for staff.

    That doesn't mean you can't answer questions and help people out. All this means is you cannot pretend to be something you are not.

    No Faction hopping.
    More information (open)

    You may not leave a faction and rejoin another faction or the same faction within a one week period. If you join a faction and you do not like that faction you are allowed to leave. However, you must wait one week (7 days) before you can join another faction.

    Your account is your responsibility.
    More information (open)

    If something happens on your account it is your responsibly. We understand that many people share minecraft accounts, but if someone with access to your account breaks a server rule then you may face a ban.

    There is no way for us to determine who was actually physically using an account and therefore any attempt to pass of blame to your sister, brother, cousin, friend, hacker, or anyone else will not be allowed.

    Make sure you have a safe password and do not allow the minecraft client to remember your password if you are afraid of someone gaining access to your account.

    Once you have read and understood all of the rules tell this code to a staff member in game: 99mutiny115

    Banned from the server?
    Ban Appeal Information (open)

    If for some reason you get banned from the server for breaking a rule you have the option to appeal your ban. This can be done by creating a ban appeal in the "Appeal Your Ban" section of this website.

    You are allowed to appeal any ban as long as you wait the required time before you submit an appeal. However, the staff reserves the right to deny any ban appeal for any reason.

    Note: This is a private minecraft server and we reserve the right to limit our players to people we feel will be beneficial to the server community. That means if you act immature, disrespectful, or you are just generally being a troll you may be asked to leave the server or you may be banned from the server.

    If there is anything here you do not understand or just have a question about please feel free to email Jigsaw: with any questions.