Retired Staff

Dec 24, 2015
Retired Staff
  • This is a page dedicated to the retired upper-level staff. While we have had many great moderators, these players were the highest staff rank achievable, and were dedicated to helping the server and its players grow stronger and better. Each and every one of them will truly be missed.

    Websurfer - Retired Admin

    Intorti_Umbra - Retired Support Admin

    LDSFlame - Retired Support Admin

    Micmckenzie1 - Retired Forum Admin

    JackTurbo95 - Retired Support Admin

    Konstruckt - Retired Repo-Man

    John_Overki11 - Retired Economy Admin

    Obmih - Retired Event Admin

    xchrisx1234 - Retired Repo-Man

    Neofox07 - Retired Faction Admin

    Aigina - Retired Community Admin

    AraduRIS - Retired Economy Admin

    Ipuntbabyz - Retired Faction Admin

    Vol2112 - Retired Repo-Man

    Domino7897 - Retired Repo-Man

    Dodito - Retired Event Admin

    Gummydrop - Retired Community Admin

    Aeater333 - Retired Public Relations Admin

    ZombieKittey - Retired Design Admin

    CaptainTesicals - Retired Economy Admin

    "They say people come and go... But the truth is no one really disappears from your life. People never really leave, their roles just change."