Restricted Blocks

Jan 14, 2015
Restricted Blocks
  • This is a list of blocks that you are not allowed to have unless stated otherwise below.

    Staff Only Blocks:
    These blocks may only be possessed by staff members. They cannot be bought, sold, or used as building blocks.

    Event Blocks:
    • Dragon Egg
    • Portal Block
    • Player Head
    • Sponge
    These blocks may only be possessed by those who won them in an event. Players who won the block have the right to sell it, but you must inform a staff member. If you borrow an event block from a player, pick it up off the ground, get it from killing someone, or any other means of obtaining the block you must return it to the player.

    If you have any of these items that you should not have you must return them to a Staff member as soon as possible. If a block is not on this list it is free to trade or loot from unlocked chests.

    If you fail to notify a staff member that you have one of these blocks and we locate one of these blocks in your possession or confirm you sold one you will be banned.