Apr 21, 2015
  • Players can exchange their MA points for rewards. MAPoints will be added to your account whenever you kill a monster in Mob Arena.

    Points per kill: 2


    /mapoints - Displays all of the commands associated with the plugin
    /mapoints buy [Reward ID] - This is used to purchase rewards with your MAPoints.
    /mapoints points - This displays the amount of points you have currently
    /mapoints rewards - This will display the current rewards for MAPoints that you can purchase
    /mapoints top - This displays the top 10 people with MAPoints

    Current Rewards

    Reward ID: 1
    Description: 2 Diamonds
    Price: 500 points​

    Reward ID: 2
    Description: 16 Bottles of Enchants
    Price: 500 points​

    Reward ID: 3
    Description: 16 Lapis Lazuli Dye
    Price: 500 points​

    Reward ID: 4
    Description: 1 Ender Pearl
    Price: 500 points​

    Reward ID: 5
    Description: 1 Beacon
    Price: 100,000 Points​
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