Apr 18, 2015
  • /cprivate: Make a mechanism accessible only by you.
    /cpublic: Makes a lock that anybody can interact with.

    /cdonation: Makes a container only the owner can take items out of. Anybody can put items in.

    /cpassword <password>: Lock your mechanism with a password. Anyone that knows the password will be able to open it with /cunlock <password>.

    /cremove: This command is used to remove a protection that you placed on a mechanism.

    /cinfo: Type this command, then left click the protected object, and it will show you who placed it, what type of lock it has, and if you can access it.

    /cmodify <player>: Add another player to your locked item. To remove access for a player put a - in front of the player name. To add someone as an admin use an @.

    /cpersist <other lwc command>: Persists the LWC command typed after to continue applying to hit objects. Re-type /cpersist to disable.
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