Apr 18, 2015
  • Jobs is a plugin that allows players to earn extra money by performing tasks in game. These "Jobs" do not replace your class (Miner, Farmer, Warrior) they only add on to that class with special areas that you can choose. You are allowed to have 2 jobs at one time and you may quit a job and pick a new one at any time you wish. Keep in mind though, if you switch jobs your XP will be reset from the job that you leave.

    Player Commands:
    • /jobs browse - View a list of the available jobs.
    • /jobs join [job name] - Join the job specified.
    • /jobs leave [job name] - Leave the job specified.
    • /jobs info - [job name] [break, place, kill] - View information about that job's actions.
    • /jobs stats - View information personal to your jobs, such as level and XP earned.

    • Hunters earn money by hunting mobs such as zombies, skeletons, and creepers.
    • Fishermen earn money by, you guessed it, fishing!
    • Woodcutters earn money by cutting down trees.
    • Diggers earn money by digging dirt, grass, sand, soul sand, clay etc.
    • Miners earn money by mining ores and stone. If you find diamonds, it's a huge bonus in your salary!
    • Builders earn money by placing certain blocks.
    • Farmers earn money by farming crops. For example, sugar cane, pumpkins, watermelons, wheat, and carrots.