Jan 20, 2015
  • NOTE: Mutinycraft is no longer linked with IRC in game.

    Channel: @mutinycraft

    To recieve autovoice on IRC:

    You must register first with Esper. To set up your EsperNet IRC Account, go onto the EsperNet IRC Webclient, and type in command:
    /msg NickServ register [PASSWORD] [EMAIL]
    Where PASSWORD is, put the password you want for the account.

    Where EMAIL is, put the email you want the registration credentials to be sent to.

    Once you've done this, Follow these steps:
    1. Go into your e-mail, and check for an email sent from EsperNet.
    2. Copy the command, and insert it in as a command on the Webclient.
    3. Reply to this thread with your Game Chat (IRC) username used in registration and you will be voiced when an IRC operator sees your post.


    1. Grouping is when you bind a nickname to your EsperNet account. This means anyone who tries to use it cannot, since it belongs to your EsperNet account.
    2. It is easy to group a username. To group a username, just change your nickname to the nick you want to group, and then type /msg NickServ group
    3. At this point, the username you have grouped will be bound to your account.
    4. NOTICE: If you do not use a grouped nick name for a while, it will be dropped from your IRC account for inactivity.


    1. Enforcing is when your account automatically renames anyone who doesn't identify for your account(or any of your grouped nicks) in 30 seconds.
    2. This can prevent people from impersonating you.
    3. You can enforce your acount by typing(in IRC) /msg NickServ SET ENFORCE ON
    4. If they fail to identify for the account under 30 seconds, it will automatically change their nickname to a default nickname such as "Guest103542".


    If you have been recently disconnected from IRC for whatever reason, come back, and notice someone is using your nick, all you have todo is do these steps:
    1. Identify for the account with /msg NickServ identify <user> <pass>
    2. Type /msg NickServ ghost <Nickname>
    3. Sometimes you'll get a message such as "Nick/channel is temporarily unavailable". All you have to do is type /msg NickServ release <Nick>

    Credit to Eik07