Feed The Beast Server Rules

Feb 10, 2016
Feed The Beast Server Rules
  • FTB Server Rules:

    Make sure you read and understand everything on this page if you would like to become a member of the FTB server. If you don't understand a rule feel free to ask a staff member in-game or add them to a conversation on the forum.


    No excessive swearing

    No harassment of other players

    No spam

    No disrespect towards staff

    No excessive arguing/fighting


    No pillaring

    No tunneling

    No grief

    No building within 100 blocks of another player's structures or claimed town (unless you have their permission)

    No intentional damage to the world (wasting resources, destroying areas for no purpose)


    No scamming

    No cheating (Xray, etc)

    No abusing glitches/bugs

    No advertising other servers

    No impersonating a staff member


    No machines that create server lag

    No more than 1 quarry per person and they are only allowed in the resource world (/warp r) Please consider use an Ender Quarry instead. They work much better, don't cause lag, and you can upgrade them!

    No more than one turtle per person and they are only allowed in the resource world (/warp r)

    No afk machines that allow you to afk for hours on end

    Mass resource collection machines must only be used in the resource world (/warp r). This includes all automated mining machines.

    No chunk loaders or blocks that act as a chunk loader when you are offline.

    Note: This is a private minecraft server and we reserve the right to limit our players to people we feel will be beneficial to the server community. That means if you act immature, disrespectful, or you are just generally being a troll you may be asked to leave the server or you may be banned from the server.

    If there is anything here you do not understand or just have a question about please feel free to email Jigsaw:admin@mutinycraft.com with any questions.
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