Forum Rules

Aug 14, 2013
Forum Rules
  • These Rules apply to the MutinyCraft forum. You are expected to follow these Rules if you wish to use this forum.

    1. Keep all forum content at a PG-13 level. Do not post images, text, links, or any other content that is inappropriate. That means there should be no references to sexual activity, drugs, or alcohol.

    2. Debating on the forum is fine. While debating is fine, we will not tolerate personal attacks, threats, rudeness, flaming, or profanity. Be mature if you wish to debate something and do not just attack the other person with words or threats.

    3. Refrain from creating worthless threads or posts. Do not clutter up the regular forum topics with threads that have no real purpose. Try to refrain from posting single word replies. If you can't think of anything to say it is better to just not reply. As a last resort, if you feel the need to post a worthless topic, use the Off Topic section. Just make sure it still follows all of the other Rules.

    4. Do not double/triple post. If you have something else to say in a thread and you were the last person to reply you are free to edit you content at any time by clicking the green "edit" link.

    5. Do not post advertisements. Any form of advertising will be regarded as spam and your account may be banned and all of your messages could be deleted if we feel it is warranted.

    6. Videos and images should be appropriate. You are free to post links and embed videos and pictures on this forum. Please make sure they actually pertain to the post you are putting them on. Also ensure the content is appropriate for a PG-13 audience (as described above).

    7. Do not create multiple accounts. Each player on the MutinyCraft server should only have one account on this forum. The creation of multiple accounts may result in one of your accounts being deleted.

    8. Do not revive old threads. If you come across an interesting thread that is more than 2 months old, please do not post on it. You are free to create a new thread with the same topic and link to the old thread if you wish. Chances are the old thread is out of date and the information is no longer accurate.

    9. Signatures should not be too large or contain inappropriate content. Any signatures you choose to use on this forum should follow all the Rules that apply to content. They should also not be any larger than 800 pixels wide by 200 pixels high. If your signature was made using a website that creates signatures you are allowed to link to that website with your signature. You are also allowed to use GIFs in your signature as long as they follow all other Rules. Any signature that does not meet this standard will be removed by the staff. Your signature shouldn't be any larger than this.

    10. Avatars should not contain inappropriate content or resemble staff avatars. Do not try to use the same avatar as a staff member without their permission. Ensure that your avatar meets all of the Rules as outlined on this page.

    11. Report any content that you feel is inappropriate or does not follow the forum Rules. If you see any content that doesn't follow these Rules or it offends you in anyway please report it by clicking the green report button. The staff will address it and take any appropriate action as soon as possible.

    12. The Rules will not cover everything that may come up. For that reason, we reserve the right to take any actions we deem necessary for a user that is not acting appropriately on this forum.