Jan 2, 2016
  • Survival Server Faction Rules

    Once you become a Leader, you can create your own faction. This tutorial will help you understand how factions work and the basics on how to run a successful one.


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    These are commands anyone can do, regardless if they are in a faction. These commands give you info about the factions plugin and other factions.

    /f help [page] – Display a help page

    /f list [page] – Show a list of the factions

    /f f [faction tag or player name] – Show detailed information on a certain faction.

    /f join [faction name] – Join a faction after you are invited or if the faction is open to join.

    Commands when you are a member of a faction:
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    /f leave – Leave your faction

    /f map – Shows a map of the nearby territory.

    /f home – Teleport to the faction’s home (normally its base)

    Commands for faction officers:
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    /f invite [player name] [yes/no] – Set if a player is invited to the faction or not.

    /f claim o, one – Claim the land where you are standing

    /f unclaim o, one – Unclaim the land where you are standing

    /f kick [player name] – Kick a player from the faction.

    /f ally [faction name] - Set another faction to be an ally.

    /f neutral [faction name] - Set another faction to be neutral with you

    /f enemy [faction name] - Set another faction to be an enemy.

    /f title [player name] [title] – Set or remove a players title. This is what will appear next to their name in Faction Chat.

    /f promote [player name] - Promotes a lesser member in your faction.

    /f demote [player name] - Demotes a lesser member of your faction.

    /f open [yes/no] – Switch if invitation is required to join

    /f sethome – Set the faction home’s home

    /f desc [description] – Change the faction’s description

    Commands for faction admins:
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    Note: Most of these commands cost money!

    /f create [faction tag] – Create a new faction with you as the Leader (you can only do this after your faction is approved here).

    /f name [new name] – Change the faction’s name

    /f officer [player name] – Give or revoke officer rights to one of the members of the faction.

    /f Leader [player name] – Hand over your Leader rights to another member. Note that you are really handing it over. You will not be a Leader of the faction any longer. You will be turned into an officer, but the new Leader could kick you any time. The new Leader must hold a survival rank of Leader or the faction may be disbanded once noticed by a staff member.

    Faction money:
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    /f money - Lists faction money commands

    /f money b - Check the balance of your faction.

    /f money d [amount] - Deposit money into the faction's bank.

    /f money w [amount] - Withdraw funds from the faction's bank.

    Note: faction officers can withdraw funds from the faction bank!

    Tips and more info:

    Every player has “power”. The power can at most be 10 and at least be 0. If you die you lose 2 power. The power will be restored over time, but only while the player is online; while offline, their power will not regenerate. It takes two hours for two power to be restored.

    The power of a faction is the sum of all member power. Every power grants the faction right to claim one land/chunk. You can claim land from a faction if it has too low of power.

    If you claim land from another faction you must start at the border of their territory.

    There are certain colors for certain relations in the chat messages:
    Members are green, Allies are purple, Truces are pink, Neutrals are white and Enemies are red.

    Important tip: Only promote players you really trust to officer. They can do a lot of damage to a factions if they have bad intentions!

    More useful info can be found at: http://massivecraft.com/plugins/factions