Faction Rules

Apr 17, 2015
Faction Rules
  • -- Faction Creation --

    In order to create a faction a player must reach the rank of Leader. The rank of Leader is achieved by making a Leader application on the forums and achieving the proper amount of votes. Read how to apply for Leader here.

    Once a player has achieved the rank of Leader they are allowed to create their own faction. Before a faction is created the player must read all of the Faction Rules and acknowledge that they have done so by creating a faction request here. This post will be approved or disapproved by a Support Admin or Admin. A faction cannot be created without an approved faction request.

    When a faction request is approved you are then, and only then, allowed to create a faction. The cost of creating a faction is currently $100,000. This may change at anytime without notice. Any Support Admin or Admin will know the current price of creating a faction.

    Faction Creation Rules:

    • Faction request must be approved before faction creation.
    • Faction names must not be inappropriate in any way.
    • Faction names may not make a faction appear as staff.
    • Faction owners must read and understand this entire page before creation.

    -- Faction Owner --

    The faction admin (aka: owner) is the main person in charge of a faction. This player is in complete control of the faction and will be held responsible for everything that the faction does or doesn't do. It is the faction owners responsibility to ensure that all members of his/her faction follow all the Rules and guidelines mentioned on this page.

    Faction Owner Responsibilities:

    1. Ensure all faction Rules are being followed.
    2. Ensure, at times of extended absence, that faction ownership is passed down to an active player that is an appropriate rank to own a faction.
    3. Ensure that the faction description is always up-to-date and appropriate.
    4. Ensure that only trusted players are chosen for the rank of faction moderators. Any negative actions caused by a player becoming a faction moderator are not punishable by the server staff.

    -- Faction Claiming --

    There are several Rules in regards to how land can be claimed with Factions. These Rules exist in order to create a fun and fair experience for all players while also bringing competition to the server. If there is a question about whether claiming a certain thing is allowed or disallowed a player should immediately contact a Support Admin or Admin before claiming any land.

    There are 5 total worlds on MutinyCraft. You are allowed to claim faction land in 3 of the 5 worlds. Those worlds are the main worlds (World, Main, and Adventure). The two worlds you are not allowed to claim in are the Nether and Wasteland.

    Faction Claiming Rules:

    1. Land in World, Main, and Adventure can be claimed.
    2. Land in Nether and Wasteland cannot be claimed.
    3. Land that is closer than 100 blocks to any player built structure cannot be claimed by a faction unless that structure is owned by a member of the claiming faction.
    4. Land that is closer than 100 blocks to any server owned warp cannot be claimed.
    5. Land that is closer than 100 blocks or inside any world guard may not be claimed unless the faction is Peaceful.
    6. Land that is closer than 100 blocks to any land owned by an enemy faction may be claimed.
    7. Land, buildings, and Warps claimed from another faction will immediately become property of the claiming faction. Any locked items inside the newly claimed land will belong to the claiming faction after 2 days.
    Note: If a faction member leaves a faction, everything built by that member that is on faction land or within 100 blocks, needs to be removed or in case it is in the claimed land, it will belong to the faction.

    Faction Locked Items:

    As mentioned above, any locked items in land claimed by an enemy faction will remain locked for at least 2 days after the land is claimed. This allows the faction which was claimed over to attempt to regain control of their lost land. Think of this as something similar to a vault. It cannot be instantly broken into as it takes time to gain access to the vault. After 2 days of claiming has passed the locked items will be unlocked by a Support Admin or Admin.

    If a faction wishes to have something unlocked in an area they claimed from an enemy faction they must make a request on the forum. This request must be made shortly after the land is claimed. Any request made will be verified on or around the 2nd day after its creation. After the request is verified, any items in the area will be unlocked by the staff.

    Example Unlock Process:

    1. Faction claims over an enemy base on 1/11/2014
    2. Faction owner/moderator makes a request to unlock items on 1/11/2014
    3. Support Admin verifies the land is actually claimed on 1/11/2014
    4. Support Admin again verifies that land is still claimed and removes all locked items on 1/13/2014

    -- Faction Base --

    Every faction is required to have a faction base. In order to be recognized as a legitimate faction this is a requirement that each faction must follow. If a faction fails to create a faction base their faction will be disbanded. A faction base must be an adequate representation of your faction. For an example of a medium sized faction base go to /warp factionbase.

    Faction Base Rules:

    1. Faction base must be created within 3 days of a faction creation.
    2. Faction base must be the location of the /f home.
    3. Faction base must be built at least 50% above ground or water.
    4. Faction base must contain (at minimum) 1 active beacon and 9 diamond blocks as the base.
    5. Faction base must be a structure that is similar in detail to /warp factionbase. This example warp would be considered a medium sized base. A faction base can be built smaller, but it should still contain a reasonable amount of blocks and detail. Support Admins and Admins have the final say in what is considered an adequate faction base.
    6. Faction base must be claimed by the faction. All other claiming Rules as mentioned above must also be followed.
    7. Faction base must have at least 1 clearly visible locked sign that states the faction name of the owning faction.

    -- Faction Defeat --

    A faction can be defeated by claiming their faction home or when they willingly disband. If a faction loses their faction home to an enemy faction they will need to create a new faction base or reacquire their lost base. Failure to do so will result in the faction being disbanded.

    Faction Defeat Notes:

    1. A faction that captures an enemy faction base will be required to post that information on the forum to record the event. This allows the server staff to ensure that the faction creates a new faction base in the required time.
    2. A faction that loses their base must, within 3 days, build or gain control of an adequate faction base that follows the above Faction Base Rules. Failure to do so will result in that faction being considered as defeated and then disbanded.

    -- Faction Types --

    There are two types of Factions on MutinyCraft. These types are PVP and Peaceful. There are distinct differences between these two types of Factions. The primary difference is that PVP Factions are allowed to raid, claim, and PVP with enemy Factions. Peaceful Factions are not allowed to raid, claim, or PVP with any Factions. Peaceful Factions are primarily for people who do not enjoy PVP and would rather PVP only in a controlled environment such as inside a Warzone.

    If a faction wishes to become peaceful they must request it from an Admin and pay a non-refundable price of $1,000,000. A peaceful faction is allowed to return to PVP at anytime, but they will not receive a refund and if they wish to return to peaceful status they must pay the $1,000,000 again.

    Peaceful Faction Specific Rules:
    1. Peaceful Factions are only allowed to claim unclaimed land that also meets the requirements of the Faction Claiming Rules above.
    2. Peaceful Factions are allowed to claim land inside world guards that they own.
    3. Peaceful Factions are not allowed to interfere with any PVP faction wars.

    -- Faction Creation Request --

    When a player wishes to create a faction they must copy and paste the following information to the faction request here:

    Intended Faction Name:
    Intended Faction Type (PVP or Peaceful):
    Have you read and understood all of the faction Rules (Yes or No)?