Creative Server Rules

Mar 23, 2014
Creative Server Rules
  • The general server Rules still apply in the creative world. However, since there are some additional Rules for this server.

    All builds should be appropriate and tasteful. If someone is found to be abusing the Creative Server to build obnoxious builds or to spam blocks they will be breaking this rule.

    Any attempt to abuse creative mode to cause harm to the server will result in a permanent ban from all of MutinyCraft's servers. This includes client modifications which allow users to spawn items in with creative mode. There will be absolutely no exceptions to this rule.

    If you share a plot with someone in the Creative Server that is your responsibility. There is no block logging in this world and if you give someone access to your build you understand they could destroy it. Only add people you trust completely.

    Do not bother other people who are building. This includes repeatedly teleporting to players who do not want you to teleport to them, standing in the way of another player attempting to build, and any other form of annoyance that a player may receive while trying to build on their plot. ​