Basic Commands

Mar 18, 2014
Basic Commands
  • Basic Commands

    Most of these commands are the basic need-too-know things for a Minecraft User.

    Basic Commands (open)

    /Rules: As soon as you enter the server, use this command to see a brief summary of the Rules.

    /afk: Announces that you are afk.

    /vote: Gives you links to places you can vote.

    /list: Tells you a list of online players.

    /news: Lists all of the Ranks, and how they are obtained.

    Messaging (open)

    /m <playername> <message>: Allows you to speak to a specific person, and only they will see it.

    /r <message>: Will reply to the last player to send you a private message.

    Petition Commands

    These are used when either reporting grief, asking to buy Spawners, Warps etc.

    Petition Commands (open)

    /pe open <message>
    Example: /pe open I would like a grief check here. - Make sure you type this standing at the point that was griefed.

    /pe list - Lists all of your open petitions

    /pe close <number>

    /pe view <number> - Do this is you want to read any comments from staff or if petition if it's closed.

    Teleportation Commands

    These commands allow you to teleport to certain locations.

    Home Commands (open)

    /sethome <homename>: Sets the target of the /home command where you are standing. (maximum of 2).

    /delhome <homename>: Removes a previously set home.

    /home: Lists your homes that have been set.

    /home <homename>: teleports you to the home you set.

    Warp Commands (open)

    /warp: List's all of the available Warps.

    /warp <warpname>: Teleports you to the warp you enter.

    /spawn: Teleports you to the server's spawn.

    /f home: Teleports you to your faction's home.