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What job would you choose?

  1. Builder, liek a baws

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  2. Helper, ~yay

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  3. Brewer, mnyes

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  4. Explorer, claim it in the name of [Insert Faction name here]

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  1. ZodiacForever

    ZodiacForever NOOT NOOT Staff Member Moderator Supporter

    The faction of Zodia has been through a lot. It has passed by through three owners and converted to peaceful. It was mainly known for a diverse PvP faction that focused on Building, Helping, and PvPing. Obviously, now, PvPing has been revoked for this faction and its main focus is now Building and Helping. We do accept any kind of Builders and may offer to show some building methods. We are currently in the process of creating new attributes to bring in newer members. Farming is under construction, although, it will not be our main focus.

    Zodia Staff

    Owner - ZodiacForever
    SIC/Apothecary - NoobilyJoobily

    Faction Moderator - Lucky5102
    Faction Moderator - grantism55
    Faction Moderator - Mdog788
    Faction Moderator - Bradley3717
    Faction Moderator - Zodiac505

    Faction Moderator/Faction Platform Repo - PsychoCream
    Faction Platform Repo - Lavaguy123456

    Apothecary - MIIM7

    The Faction Moderators are your best option to be accepted into Zodia.

    Faction Jobs

    Builders - Focus is the same as all of Zodia's. Learn how to or build impressive structures for the sake of it. Builders are more common than other faction jobs.

    Helpers - Focus is assisting other Faction Jobs. Help in Building, Brewing, and Exploring. Generally helpful in both Public Chat and Faction Chat.

    Brewers - (Help wanted) Create potions and sell/supply them to the server. Brewers will be associated with NoobilyJoobily at the Zodian Apothecarium.

    Explorer - Focus is to explore far out from the Sky Empire of Zodia and set up flags and/or Guard towers in the name of Zodia. Must follow 20 Block rule and Harassment rule.

    Hunter - Kills hostile mobs and clears out infested lands. Accompanies Faction Moderators in WarZone PvP.

    Desecrator - Find an open spot far away from Wilderness, player built structures, and other buildings and claim exposed ores, tear down trees, and clear land for Explorers. Half the materials will be contributed to Zodia, the rest will be at the owner's disposal. Must follow 20 Block rule and Harassment rule.
    (It is required that you view and read through this page before considering this Faction Job.)

    Zodia is a Building Faction. Other Faction jobs are for members that are just looking for a Peaceful Faction. Other Peaceful Factions may be suitable for any other jobs that aren't included in Zodia.

    Sub-Faction Jobs

    Enchanter - Enchants Books, Weapons, Tools and Armor to assist all Zodia Members.
    Hybrid - Requires two regular Faction Jobs. Will be converted to this rank if two jobs are acquired.
    Castle Builder - Accompanies Explorers and Builders to set up Zodian Strongholds and fortresses.

    Upcoming Faction Jobs

    Miner - Create Zodian mineshafts beneath the surface of both the bottom of the Sky Empire and under cleared land of Desecrators/Explorers. Must follow 20 Block rule and Harassment rule.

    Zodia will not tolerate griefers or disrespectful members. Any griefing that involves Zodian Explorers will result in a ban.
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  2. Lucky

    Lucky Supporter

    This is honestly an amazing page to send new members to, especially to make sure they have been on the forums and looking around :)
  3. ZodiacForever

    ZodiacForever NOOT NOOT Staff Member Moderator Supporter

    Updated! Desecrators and Miners Jobs will be looked into and will be decided on adding in or not.
  4. ZodiacForever

    ZodiacForever NOOT NOOT Staff Member Moderator Supporter

    Updated! Desecrators has been added in. More Faction Jobs will be suggested in the future.
  5. punkrocks_rules

    punkrocks_rules Active Member

    do i need to ask you zodica for a job?
  6. ZodiacForever

    ZodiacForever NOOT NOOT Staff Member Moderator Supporter

    You can ask an fmod if I'm not available, you can apply for any job in-game except for Desecrators. That job requires you to message me on the forums.
  7. punkrocks_rules

    punkrocks_rules Active Member

    right i will look at the jobs when i get online and talk to you or an fmod :D

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