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    The Zodian Empire is purely built on Builders and Explorers. For the most part, Zodia was an all-around faction. When we first started out (Old Zodia), we did not favor any particular skill or job within our faction. We did arise as an enormous PvP Faction with many allies. However, after a series of events, we slowly died down and became targets to rival factions. Long story short, Zodia was toned down for a while, then right at the verge, we returned a Peaceful Faction. We did lose a number of members that either were already in the faction or returned at a later notice. Zodia now had a focus as Builders, Explorers, and Helpers. These three jobs define Zodia today.

    Upper Zodian Staff
    Zodia has had those very few members who've made their mark on the faction and have driven it to where it is today. Some may have done less than others, but their contribution should not be forgotten.

    (OZ) - Old Zodia
    (R) - Use to be from Rising
    (M) - Zodiacal Relations

    PsychoCream (OZ)
    Grantism55 (OZ)
    Mdog788 (R) (OZ)
    NoobilyJoobily (OZ) (M)
    Bradley3717 (OZ)
    Awgdawg9 (OZ)
    Lavaguy123456 (OZ)
    Zodiac505 (OZ)
    BloodyNinja1122 (OZ)

    Aceposiedon (OZ)
    DaKurlz13 (OZ)

    MIIM7 (M)
    FoxFire92 (Pre-OZ)

    Zodia has encountered multiple situations which could've damaged the faction entirely. This resulted in a rivalry with a successful faction, a failed defense against a raid, and arguments within the faction itself. In some cases, Zodia was handed over to two other Leaders in desperate times.
    These Leaders were known as:

    These Leaders kept the faction alive long enough to be fully sustained. They are good friends of mine and haven't let me down yet.
    All of the current Zodian Faction Staff are incredible. By now, they've made it through every challenge with Zodia and have continued to take care of the faction in my absences. These members will be portrayed as respected, valued, and show true devotion to the Zodian Empire.
    Even the Retired Zodian Staff leave impressive strengths that keep the faction going today. All the Retired Zodian Staff members have either taken a break from Mutiny, resorted to help another faction, or have moved on completely and left behind a very good path.
    The Rising Zodian Staff members are those who have achieved Faction Moderator status or helped the faction entirely. They continue to thrive within Zodia, keeping up with the faction's needs and keeping Zodia successful and will soon rise up to Faction Moderator.
    Assisted were those very few MutinyCraft members that left a very good impression on Zodia before moving on. Those two members in particular boosted my potential as a faction Leader, and for that, I thank you.

    All of Zodia's history can't be brought right away. Old Zodian members will add more to it. I will update this post with as much information as I can remember. Zodia will continue to thrive and will not disband willingly.
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