Would you rather (not original be who cares)(meh)

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by evanstevensevan, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. evanstevensevan

    evanstevensevan RepoMan Staff Member Repo Man Supporter

    You all know how this works,

    would you rather have life move slower or faster, explanation 1minute=5minutes or 5 minutes=1minute?

    next person answers the above question and posts another
  2. icewisperer

    icewisperer Supporter

    I would rather have life move slower.

    Would you rather see a spider or a centipede on your wall?
  3. bubbag7

    bubbag7 New Member

    spider they are easier to kill

    would you rather have to eat feces or resort to canabalism :D
  4. evanstevensevan

    evanstevensevan RepoMan Staff Member Repo Man Supporter

    Canablism, eating feces could kill you, eating your friend would kill him not you :D

    would you rather have to listen to 1o hours of nyan cat or 1 hour of justin bieber sped up so its higher pitch?
  5. bubbag7

    bubbag7 New Member

    ok not meaning to go back into this post but i had to :p
    jb can go die nyan cat all the way!

    lets make this another food one and nothing too hard
    would you rather eat 5 pretzles dipped in chocolate with sprinkles or eat a chocolate dipped icecreamcone :D (btw i hate chocolate :p)
  6. poph55

    poph55 Active Member

    5 pretzles
    would you rather drink blended onions and tunips form a snorkle coated in vegimite or eat crumpled up oreos dipped in feces then blended in tomato sauce and olive oil
  7. TrappedSoul58

    TrappedSoul58 Member

    o_O why poph why but i guess the onions cuz like evan said feces can kill you and u never said i couldn't throw it up.

    Would u rather fail all of your classes in highschool or lose your dream job that pays extremley well
  8. bubbag7

    bubbag7 New Member

    fail highschool, because if you work hard enough high school failures can be fully rebuilt and you can get that dream job

    would you rather be deaf but have xray vision, or be blind with supersonic hearing?
  9. roverttt

    roverttt Well-Known Member

    deaf with x-ray vision, hearing everyone around you would hurt ur ears :p
    Would you rather have a sandwich or a bagel?
  10. bubbag7

    bubbag7 New Member

    depends on what kind of sammich, but honestly i would rather have a bagel with peanutbutter :D

    would you rather buy halo 4 or black ops 2
  11. Ricky

    Ricky Supporter

    Halo 4( I am getting both anyways...)

    Would you rather put a toothpick between your toe and your toenail and kick a wall or,
    Jump into a pull full or razors?
  12. cheesemeatballs

    cheesemeatballs Active Member

  13. cheesemeatballs

    cheesemeatballs Active Member

  14. Dubesta11

    Dubesta11 Supporter


    Would you rather go to school with just your underwear or have your mom kiss you when you go up for an award
  15. Mattman9009

    Mattman9009 New Member

    underwear it make u cool

    would u rather eat yor mom or dad
  16. ikke82

    ikke82 Active Member

    dad he is fatter so i have more to eat.

    Would you rather poke this cat in the eye [​IMG] or lick his tong
  17. impens8

    impens8 Member

    Poke in le eye I hate cats

    Would you rather be peaceful or pvp
  18. EpicEpicDude56

    EpicEpicDude56 Well-Known Member

    Could I make out with my Grandparrot while it bites my eye out?
  19. Algi1998

    Algi1998 Supporter

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