What do we all look like?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by K00SH, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. Goliath_153

    Goliath_153 Supporter

    Eyy thought this thread would have died long ago. 22007692_1649774468428163_3646156648514815453_n.jpg
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  2. chicken7651

    chicken7651 Active Member

    I t w i l l n e v e r d i e
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  3. Ricky

    Ricky Supporter

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  4. Zombiekittey

    Zombiekittey Zomberator Supporter Retired

    How is this thread still going XD
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  5. dgallegos2

    dgallegos2 Supporter

    Legends never die
  6. Rainbowc0l0rs

    Rainbowc0l0rs Supporter

    omg it's still going. I finally remembered my email to this acc. Long time no see :)
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  7. iLizzy

    iLizzy Staff Member Architect Moderator Supporter

    Yo guys I'm asian
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  8. silverwolf1989

    silverwolf1989 Supporter

    This will never die.. will stand the test of time.
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  9. iLizzy

    iLizzy Staff Member Architect Moderator Supporter

  10. iLizzy

    iLizzy Staff Member Architect Moderator Supporter

    Feel free to hire me as your model ty
  11. r0adk1ll

    r0adk1ll Supporter

    "...Yo guys I'm asian..."

    @ iLizzy, Why would that matter?

    I am (or was until it went grey) ginger. Doesn't stop me being as epic as you.

    but I am wondering where your left hand is, in that photo O.O

    "...Legends never die..."

    @Dgal, Strictly speaking, to become a legend you do have to die first. If you're still alive then you're a Hero :)
  12. Zombiekittey

    Zombiekittey Zomberator Supporter Retired

    Welp, it sure has been a while guys. I haven't changed much to be honest. Hopefully getting that snaggle tooth fixed soon sometime next year.
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  13. mercenaries 98

    mercenaries 98 Leader of BlockHeads Supporter

    Holy cow, this is a major throwback. Hope you all are having amazing lives!!
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  14. AraduRIS

    AraduRIS Retired Economy Admin

    I know right, its nostalgic to this day. :)
  15. dgallegos2

    dgallegos2 Supporter

    Not a firefighter btw, I'm not lazy

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