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Discussion in 'Buy / Sell / Trade' started by Ricky, Aug 30, 2016.

  1. Ricky

    Ricky Supporter

    Now Open.​
  2. Ricky

    Ricky Supporter

    Mending Books were restocked, theres like 15 in there. $20k per book
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  3. HappyMuk

    HappyMuk Active Member

    Price increase :) The laws of supply and demand are working.
  4. Ricky

    Ricky Supporter

    Considering the only other suppliers were selling for 25k, I was getting ripped off at 10k.
  5. r0adk1ll

    r0adk1ll Supporter

    Because the only villy I have trading mending books wants 55dia a pop I am constrained in how cheap I will sell them.

    I killed all my villy except for 2 in each location, so they'd breed again from scratch. Still ended up with just the one villy trading mending books.

    Unless villy-trades are rolled back to their pre-borked state (or the end-forts reset) I think we need mending books available from vote points otherwise 3 already rich players will continue to get even richer.
  6. Ricky

    Ricky Supporter

    the rich people who spent the time and resources to make the mending books available on the market in the first place, not exactly unfair. Also dropping my price down to 12k since I dont really need the money
  7. Ricky

    Ricky Supporter

    I've restocked the mending books in my shop, still only 12k per make sure to buy them while you can because I'm not always available to restock it. I've also restocked my diamonds, only $300 per.
  8. Ricky

    Ricky Supporter

    Restocked with diamonds and mending once again, diamond price increased to $350. I've also restocked it with some more packed ice which I sell for $2500 a stack.
  9. Ricky

    Ricky Supporter

    Mending, diamonds and packed ice stocked.

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