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    So i had a few stories on an energy called "Warp Energy" so i figured i would explain this once and for all.

    Warp Energy is obviously Science Fiction, It was my idea on an energy introduced to our own Web universe.

    To put it into english, every single thing in the universe fits in together, like a massive jigsaw puzzle, but Warp Energy isn't exactly.. from the universe, more from the background only accessible through rips into other universes. Primarily a Universe known as "The Warp"

    Warp Energy does exactly as it says, given enough energy, it has the power to Warp things using the Human mind as an architect.

    So it has the power to do things that would be otherwise impossible to do, however our own universe pushes back on this force, so more energy is required to further warp our universe.

    This allows certain unbreakable laws to be broken using Warp Energy. for instance, The Speed Of Light.

    Using Warp energy it is completely possible to travel from one place to another at 2-3x the speed of light.

    Breaking laws in our own universe however costing Warp Energy.

    Another interesting thing to note is that Warp Energy would be completely invisible to every single sense or anything that could be used to see or sense the energy, the only way to actually know it exists, is if the energy latches onto your brain, then you can see the energy in whatever color you desire.
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    In The Warp, there also dwells false entities that are capable of corrupting those who pass through using Warp Energy. This is a chaotic way of going insane and thus spawning a galaxy-wide threat that could infect all of humanity.

    (I'm a huge Warhammer 40k Fan btw)
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