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By Aeater333 on Jan 29, 2014 at 7:50 PM
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    As many of you know there are a large amount of warps on the server. Many of these are not used anymore and that is leading to several issues.

    Since there are so many warps owned by people who haven’t played here in a long time it is easy for someone to majorly grief those warps and never get caught. It is also much harder to search through all of the warps to find the one you are looking for.

    To solve these issues and get rid of many unneeded warps we will be removing several of these warps.

    To prevent your warp from being deleted you must have a conspicuous (easily seen) sign at your warp(s) with the owners username on it. However, if there is a World Guard at that warp there does not need to be a sign placed.

    Starting February 9 2014, warps without a sign or worldguard clarifying the owner will be deleted.*

    You may only place a sign at warps you own. You cannot place a sign at a warp that you do not own, even if you are claiming it for the player who owns it. If you claim a warp that is not yours, you will be banned for attempting to steal a warp.

    *The Admins have the right to decide whether or not a warp will be deleted.

    Please comment below if you have any questions.
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Aeater333, Jan 29, 2014.

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    1. I_Hate_Lag_
    2. Aceposiedon
      May i inquire as to what issues this causes?
    3. Aeater333
      Read the post:
    4. AraduRIS
      Why don't you try to auction these off, partly, maybe a few at a time instead of deleting all of them? To me it makes a lot more sense to move money out of the economy by doing that - 2 kills with one shot.
    5. ThePartyGuest
      So let's say it's a shop warp, do you still have to place a sign with the name on it even though the sign above the chest says the guy's name already?
    6. Aeater333
      The purpose is to reduce the amount of warps, not keep them the same. It's going to be pretty hard to auction off 100+ warps.
      If there is a sign there that will identify who owns the warp then it is fine.
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    7. cakeislife
      Less grief (supposedly)
      Hard to search through all of the warps to find the one you are looking for
      Create economy boost for new warps (supposedly)

      Less transportation to places on the server
      Players may become irate from knowledge of knowing the warp they payed for is gone
      Less pvp and raiding due to less warps to travel to a faction base quicker (supposedly)

      Just my quick thoughts on this, staying impartial. If something has (supposedly) it may be a future outcome
    8. AraduRIS
      ... :p
    9. Jigsaw
      No :)
    10. AraduRIS
      Should have expected that anyway. <_<
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    11. cakeislife
    12. Jigsaw
      Okay, people are blowing this completely out of proportion. We are only removing warps that clearly serve no purpose and have no real use. If you would have read the post above you would see that we reserve the right to decide what warps stay and what warps go. This isn't done to punish anyone or take away things from people who earned them. This is done to remove unused warps, make the warp list more readable, and remove the chance for grief to occur at inactive warps.

      If you have a legitimate concern about a specific warp, that you don't own, being removed please private message me. Otherwise warps that are not claimed by the time mentioned in the above post will be removed if we determine they should be.
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