Void = Illuminati Confirmed

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CyberSurvivor, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. CyberSurvivor

    CyberSurvivor Supporter

    Ah, so things weren't adding up.
    Void has been after me like nuts in the past few weeks, and I think I have finally understood why.

    Void. V-O-I-D. Void has four letters. Four.

    Rapture, Cultron, Pokemonbeturbo. These are the three most active members. Three Active Members. Three.

    Cultron. Cultron is made of two parts: Cult, and Ron. So, his name expresses that the ginger from Harry Potter is in a cult, and that is what he represents. Also, cultron's skin has eyes and mouth of blood. Cultron is in a cult.

    RaptureDemon. Demon. RaptureDemon has Demon in his name. His picture is a weird grim reaper. Rapture is a satanic worshiper confirmed.

    So, lets do some math here.

    Four minus Three is One. The illuminati has one eye. Besides the three, there is another member involved who is mytimeout who makes four active members of this battle alliance. So, Four minus the one eye is three. A triangle has three sides. Move the eye inside the triangle and...

    Illuminati symbol + satanic worshiper + cult...

    Those are three things, another way to prove that a triangle has three sides. In two ways:

    Void = Illuminati Confirmed
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  2. CyberSurvivor

    CyberSurvivor Supporter

    Im sorry, I just had to do this xD
  3. RaptureDemon

    RaptureDemon New Member

  4. dgallegos2

    dgallegos2 Supporter

    Useless post ^

    Anyways it seems to add up in a weird non existant way
  5. zada274

    zada274 Active Member

    Illimunati Confirmed
  6. Dr. Derpy

    Dr. Derpy Well-Known Member

    I don't know what you're talking about....
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  7. CyberSurvivor

    CyberSurvivor Supporter

    The point of the "Illuminati Confirmed" joke is to add up in a ridiculous and not serious way :p
  8. Cultron

    Cultron New Member

    Cyber you got us. It's all true good job.
  9. Slaxzz

    Slaxzz Member

    Omggku illoominarty cunfirmed!
  10. Thea

    Thea Active Member

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  11. BroncoBuster25

    BroncoBuster25 Supporter

    This looks like a rage post on how much you hate Void
  12. CyberSurvivor

    CyberSurvivor Supporter


    Yeah bronco, you totally understand just how much rage this post has. Not that theres any sarcasm or anything involved?
  13. LordToast

    LordToast Lord of all things Toastly. Staff Member Moderator

    Cyber you need to think before what you say when talking like that ^
  14. CyberSurvivor

    CyberSurvivor Supporter

    LordToast... Illuminati Confirmed is a joke. Its a freaking funny joke that nobody but nine year olds take seriously. Even cultron replied to the thread with his own funny sarcastic comment. The illuminati died off years ago. Bronco needs to understand that this is meant as a joke. It is literally the most nonsense post on mutinycraft probably ever.
  15. LordToast

    LordToast Lord of all things Toastly. Staff Member Moderator

    No i mean like look at what you said closely silly
  16. LordToast

    LordToast Lord of all things Toastly. Staff Member Moderator

    Something about on nine year olds
  17. CyberSurvivor

    CyberSurvivor Supporter

    about on nine year olds what? What does that even mean?
  18. LordToast

    LordToast Lord of all things Toastly. Staff Member Moderator

    You said do someting on nine year olds
  19. CyberSurvivor

    CyberSurvivor Supporter

    It was a joking sentance saying "Come on nine year olds, we gotta go do illumini confirmed"
    The point is, nobody but nine year olds take the illuminati seriously. I am not offending anyone, because anyone who is nine and is reading this is a part of mutiny, and they are mature enough to understand its meant as a joke and the illuminati isnt real.

    And if you mean "on top of nine year olds" my lord you have a dirty mind ._.
  20. LordToast

    LordToast Lord of all things Toastly. Staff Member Moderator

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