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Discussion in 'Commander Promotion Request' started by Violaessence, May 13, 2015.

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  1. Violaessence

    Violaessence Supporter

    I, Violaessence am requesting to be considered for the rank of Commander.

    Were you banned in the last 7 days? No

    What is your current rank? Leader

    What is your current power level? 3354

    What is the name of your Faction? Sibyl

    How many members are in your Faction? 39

    List all members of your Faction: RaptureDemon, AraduRIS, D_Man_2001, PeaceDog101, K00SH, TheThirdGuy, KoolAidd, Illlya, cratka, Crossfire1216, antoinesanta, jamestheeggman, _Adam_741, DeathByTrains, SwiftShdwhntr, Domo846, Rainbowc0l0rs, DarkWalnut, perfectchaos2003. gigiteck, Da_Honey_Bag6er, bowbat58, lukerocks13, xchrisx1234, purpleboy2002, 3dpigblock, Gil , WitheredDragon, BRIAN16198, feigenb0mb nickey701, skip109, Giganian, TheProFail, EthanS12399, cowttrim, coolluck3man
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  2. RaptureDemon

    RaptureDemon New Member

    I, Rapture, recommend this crazy kat for the rank of Commander. :)
  3. AraduRIS

    AraduRIS Retired Economy Admin

  4. Gil

    Gil Supporter

    I vote yes viola u are a good leader
  5. K00SH

    K00SH Supporter

  6. Illya

    Illya New Member

    I recommend viola for commander
  7. D_Man_2001

    D_Man_2001 New Member

    I recommend Violaessence For rank Commander :)
  8. Violas cool so I recommend him.
  9. antoinesanta

    antoinesanta Supporter

    Why not. I recommend viola to be commander
  10. Giganian

    Giganian New Member

    I, Giganian recommend viola for the rank of commander :p
  11. D.B.T

    D.B.T New Member

    I recommend violaessence for commander because he's nice and cool

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  12. nickey701

    nickey701 New Member

    I, nickey701, recommend Violaessence for the Commander rank because he is one of the most selfless people on the server. He gives people help when they need it, and gives the a kick in the butt when they need it too. Violaeseence is not just a player on a server, he is a friend to all.
  13. ZodiacForever

    ZodiacForever NOOT NOOT Staff Member Moderator Supporter

    I am very impressed by your faction's rise in members. It reminds me a lot of when the Zodian Empire first started. However, I do feel you as a Commander seems a bit uncalled for. Although I consider you a great ally and friend, it was difficult for me to see how you acted as a leader. As I said in a previous post, I am all about PvP. At the same time, I do not encourage greenie hunting or forms of supplies given to members that join. Hunting down members just to join your faction seems like something a Commander shouldn't do. There have been plenty of factions in the past who are considerate and respectful of a player's choice between PvP and Peaceful. From my complete unbiased opinion, I see almost half of the members of your faction only in it because they were hunted down to join and/or given loot that other pvp factions cannot provide.

    I really hate to do this, but until your faction improves off a base of dedicated and unswayed members, I'm going to have to deny this Commander Application.
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  14. Violaessence

    Violaessence Supporter

    I reformed Void Into Sibyl with the intention of creating a PvP/Raid Faction, I WAS going to kill everyone mercilessly, but then when i saw sadderdays post about new members i had a thought that. if i helped out new players to join my faction, then i can basically restart PvP with a new generation of PvPers on mutiny, who were raised on the server from PvP. I Have created a PvP Peaceful faction.

    I don't hunt my members to join and i don't bribe them. if they are green ranks i give them supplies as a welcome to sibyl, a token of appreciation for been part of the faction that i have spent alot of time building, trust me when i make factions i go ALL out. whether it stresses me beyond belief or not, i try my damned best to make sure that i provide the best for my members, like i did with Chocolate, is what i am doing with Sibyl.

    Giving a green rank supplies shouldn't be frowned upon. its a gesture to help them and encourage them to stay, which in my opinion helps them progress faster in my faction and encourages them to stay on the server longer and be happier.

    I am not bribing my members, i am welcoming them with open arms to a PvP faction, not giving them the hard talk about how PvP is evil and they should join Peaceful because its sunshine and bunnies.

    To top it off, I only hunt Green ranks if they interest me enough to want to hunt them. for example Ceimi. when i first saw her, i knew there was something different about her playing habits. she immediately avoided ALL buildings and somehow warps, she managed to make a Villager farm within a week AND make sure she knew precautions about raiding on mutiny, That peaked my interest enough to go hunt her, i killed her, gave her her stuff back with extra diamonds and asked if she'd like to join sibyl, if she had refused i would have went on my way.

    Tl;Dr My faction is a PvP/Peaceful Faction that combines Raiding and PvP with Gathering, it works by the Gatherers donating to the faction by their own free will and i'm sure as the members progress they will have more to donate that they can afford and that is how Sibyl will run, it will run based off PvP and Gathering.

    My faction is nothing like described in your post. I'm sorry but it isn't

    Edit: Dedicated Members.

    1 Ex-SA AraduRIS
    1 Ex-Mod Rainbowc0l0rs
    Another Ex-Mod K00SH
    Another yet again. Ex-Mod cowttrim
    Oh whats that.. Another ex mod you say? Da_Honey_Bad6er
    Multiple Pioneers
    antoinesanta (Prodigy but screw it)
    xchrisx1234 (Legend)

    And the rest

    BRIAN16198 (Donovan)

    Each and every single one of them on that list i could vouch and say is a dedicated member.
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  15. ZodiacForever

    ZodiacForever NOOT NOOT Staff Member Moderator Supporter

    Alright, looking back at it, it appears my post was vague on the subject. I 100% guarantee this is nothing personal. I respect all pvpers for the most part. But, when the one who has a limitless supply on his own, complains there's not enough pvp to go around and (I saw this myself) berates a fellow member for not wanting to pvp because he does not want to lose his gear seems a bit below the league of a Commander. Between pvp factions, I would've totally disregarded the very sight of it, but seeing it as it was a peaceful you argued with... When I first saw that, I asked myself, 'is this the leader that their members are supposed to look up to?' The way you responded to his decline in pvp, the way you called him out saying he was too lazy because he didn't want to lose his stuff and regain it again. They don't want to lose something, so why the hell should they risk it and fight anyways? To me, this is not how a Commander should act. I don't want to go on more than I should, but I am really afraid of seeing a Commander go on another outburst like this against another member not of a pvp faction would make me regret my decision.
    My disapproval still stands. Once again, this is nothing personal.
  16. feigenb0mb

    feigenb0mb New Member

    I reccomend Viola for the rank of commander
  17. Violaessence

    Violaessence Supporter

    Okay. If i am not good enough for commander for you then okay, i ask that someone lock this but i am not changing my faction to suit everyones needs. others have done that and it fails.
  18. Goliath_153

    Goliath_153 Supporter

    Thread locked.
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