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    I joined mutinycraft 4 years ago, and throughout the 4 years I've completed middle school, gone onto high school, and now I'm a senior in high school and I'll be moving onto college soon. Not only am I a student gamer, but also an athlete, somehow I've always managed to find time for everything, and even had a long distance relationship thrown in there for a time. You can't blame minecraft for being a bad student, or any video game/hobby for that matter. You made the decision to place the game over your studies, and you regretted it later. I'd say a massive majority of minecrafters are a student of some kind, you cant blame your failures on the game let alone a specific server. Your failures are not a consequence of coincidence or situation, they're of you're own doing. Boohoo
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    You've always beeen cringy.. Nothing new here buddy.
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