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    No, we aren't updated to 1.7. But there are a few changes that I would like to announce so that everyone is aware of them. They mainly have to do with MCMMO. I will mention the most player relevant changes below. Some of the changes were already added, but most are new.

    MCMMO Changes:
    • Added XP boost to Acrobatics when wearing Boots of Feather Falling.
    • Added horses to the "Shake" ability.
    • Added ability to summon horses via "Call of the Wild" using apples.
    • Added XP gain to Taming for horses.
    • Added snow to Excavation blocks.
    • Added a 5 second cooldown after teleporting before Acrobatics XP can be earned.
    • Added Quartz to the default Excavation treasures.
    • Added /mcscoreboard keep, to keep the scoreboard up forever.
    • Added new /mccooldowns command to show all ability cooldowns.
    • Nerfed Archery damage to eliminate constant one-hit kills.
    • Changed Swords "Counter Attack" ability from passive to active. Blocking is required to activate.
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Jigsaw, Oct 27, 2013.

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