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By Jigsaw on Oct 27, 2013 at 10:18 AM
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    No, we aren't updated to 1.7. But there are a few changes that I would like to announce so that everyone is aware of them. They mainly have to do with MCMMO. I will mention the most player relevant changes below. Some of the changes were already added, but most are new.

    MCMMO Changes:
    • Added XP boost to Acrobatics when wearing Boots of Feather Falling.
    • Added horses to the "Shake" ability.
    • Added ability to summon horses via "Call of the Wild" using apples.
    • Added XP gain to Taming for horses.
    • Added snow to Excavation blocks.
    • Added a 5 second cooldown after teleporting before Acrobatics XP can be earned.
    • Added Quartz to the default Excavation treasures.
    • Added /mcscoreboard keep, to keep the scoreboard up forever.
    • Added new /mccooldowns command to show all ability cooldowns.
    • Nerfed Archery damage to eliminate constant one-hit kills.
    • Changed Swords "Counter Attack" ability from passive to active. Blocking is required to activate.
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Jigsaw, Oct 27, 2013.

    1. K00SH
      Don't know :eek: Jigsaw probably has a good reason behind it though. I'm just too derpy to notice what it is :derpina:
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    2. Jigsaw
      MobArena overrides any other scoreboard you have up.
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    3. HappyMuk
      I agree K00SH Jigsaw is a Smart person. I just don't understand how he likes the green Bay packers!!!. The Denver Broncos are so so much better but then K00SH said "Jigsaw probably has a good reason behind it though. I'm just too derpy to notice what it is " I agree with K00SH im to Derpy to understand why green Bay is so good. Well I don't really know where this reply went other than How jigsaw is smarter than most of us. (I think he is like Dumbledore or Albert Instine or maybe even Batman) Hopefully someday we can all be smart like Jigsaw?
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    4. HappyMuk
      Now that has got me started on a new Idea Favorite NFL team here is the Link Below
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    5. link564
      pretty sure i can still 1hit kill?
    6. AraduRIS
      He probably wants to nerf grinding. :p
    7. link564
      :eek: now the old /inspect is gone, i really like the old version, could u please add it back? :D
    8. Crossfire1216
      How is it different now?
    9. AraduRIS
      It used to list your stats in chat, now it instead opens up a box to the right, just like /stats or /mcstats does.
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    10. AraduRIS
      I find the new UI neat, just use /mcscoreboard keep to permanently enable it if needed. It does not spam chat as much :)
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    11. Crossfire1216
      Oh, I like that better! :p
    12. Jigsaw
      I can have it display in chat and on the scoreboard. Remind me the next time you see me in game so I don't forget.
    13. punkrocks_rules
    14. Zombiekittey
      Tested shake on horses that spawned and were bred, the fishing rod does no damage and they will not drop anything.
    15. Crossfire1216
    16. AraduRIS
      If you try hook horses for items its time to call the PETA.
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    17. xCupcakeMurderer
      what is "shaking" exactly?
    18. AraduRIS
      You hook a mob using a fishing rod (right-click) to obtain certain items from it.
    19. K00SH
      You need 150 fishing to do it though and your percentage for a drop increases as you level fishing.
    20. cstimmler
      How do you use the "Call of the Wild" using the apple?

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