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By Jigsaw on Feb 24, 2013 at 11:17 AM
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    I have come to realize that things change on the server and sometimes no one really knows what has changed. For example plugins update, prices for services change, new staff are ranked, and other things that players would like to know. For that reason I have decided to make a post each time I feel there are enough changes that the entire server should know about. I wont make a post with every single change, but I will try and make one at least once a month.

    New Support Admins / Repo Men:
    • AraduRIS - Economy Admin
    • Domino7897 - Repo Man
    • xchrisx1234 - Repo Man
    New Moderators:
    • Boltaction07
    • Evanstevensevan
    • XxDiviniusxX
    • Zada274
    MCMMO Changes:
    • Berserk will now turn Stone Brick into Cracked Stone Brick.
    • Bleeding will now show particle effect on players who are bleeding.
    Price Changes:
    • World Guard - Changed from $30,000 per 500 blocks to $40,000 per 500 blocks. See the Wiki for more information.
    • World Edit (Cuboids) - All prices have been doubled. See the Wiki for more information.
    • Warps - Prices raised from $300,000 to $500,000.
    Jobs Changes:
    • Lowered payout of Woodcutter job.
    • Removed the negative money / experience from placing stone with the Miner job.
    • Added negative money / experience for breaking newly planted wheat with the Farmer job.
    • Added money / experience for placing seeds with the Farmer job.
    Other Changes:
    • Damage potions are temporarily disabled due to a bug.
    • Nether Portals are currently not working properly. See this thread.
    Forum / Wiki Changes:
    • Added a forum to post messages about leaving, taking a break, or returning from a break.
    • Updated the Player Shops page and created a new thread to nominate shops that you feel deserve to be listed.
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Jigsaw, Feb 24, 2013.

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    1. antoinesanta
      There is tons of thing that I didn't know. But I would want to know why all the prices changes? And I would want to know if the price of the warp will cost less soon?
    2. Jigsaw
      The prices were raised due to changes in the economy. Warps, world guards, cuboids, and other things like this should be a luxury that not everyone will be able to afford right away. That is the reason we have raised the prices.

      Prices will remain fairly steady, but they could be adjusted at a later date. They will not change weekly or even monthly, though.
    3. antoinesanta
      Alright :) I believe you're right(Im not playing with the economy anymore so.... :p) Thanks
    4. Tarax3n
      I just have a question, what does an economy admin do?
    5. AraduRIS
      I basically take watch over the MutinyCity Shop Plots, watch over Shop prices and i get to Suggest things regarding our Jobs system <- All that besides the normal SA-Duties :)
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    6. Aceposiedon
      I was wondering if we can make world guards over a specific size lower in price again. I had one in mind and you increased the price by a good 2 million.
    7. iLizzy
      the warp is a scam!
    8. Jigsaw
      What do you consider a reasonable price?
      Don't buy one then. :)
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    9. Aceposiedon
      Idk jigsaw. Wgs over 3 million.
    10. Jigsaw
      Start saving up.
    11. Tarax3n
      The warp increase I can see being reasonable since the economy has become a little unstable and the fact that 300k doesn't take that long to get. Only thing I am not particularly fond of is the WG increase. If possible, can you lower them down to around 1.5 of their price instead of 2.
    12. Jigsaw
      They weren't doubled. They were increased about 33%. Or 1.33 times their old price.
    13. Tarax3n
      Sorry, I got confused with cuboids for some reason.
    14. Domino7897
      Jigsaw um... its Domino7897 not Domino7807.
    15. Vol2112
      For everyone complaining, these luxury items are not supposed to be easy to get. It should take time to earn enough to afford one. The server has grown quite a bit since the original prices were set in place and it makes perfect sense to raise the prices across the board. Inflation sucks but its reality.
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    16. antoinesanta
      I agree with vol2112, its just that warp,wc and cuboid should have be raised 3-4+ month ago
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