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    As most of you know, the server has been offline for a couple hours due to scheduled maintenance. However, what most of you likely didn't know is that the server is adding several new features that will, hopefully, bring more interest back to our server.

    Now, I want to say this upfront, if you liked the server how it was then you wont be dissapointed. Everything you are used to will still be on the server in some form. There are a few changes to some of the plugins due to updates, but for the most part everything will still be the same when playing on survival.

    Wait...what do you mean "on survival"? What I mean is there are now different types of minecraft experiences available from one central location. Some of you know this as a hub server. MutinyCraft is now a hub server. That means we can offer specific game modes and game types that won't interfere with the regular survival aspect of minecraft, but also allow our community to stick together and enjoy them as a community.

    Continue reading for specifics on what has been updated, added, and changed.


    Factions has been updated to the latest version. We have been behind several version for some time now as I have put off updating until I was satisfied with the quality of the updated plugin. The new factions version is very different than what most of you are used to, but some things will seem familiar once you begin to use it. To see all the new features you will just have to start playing around with the plugin in game, but I will mention the most notable and noticeable features.
    • Instead of typing /f who to see information about a faction it is now /f f
    • Faction chat has been slightly modified as it is handled by an external plugin. Use faction chat with the command /fchat.
    • Faction names are no longer colored in chat. I would prefer that there were colored, but it isn't currently supported with our chat plugin.
    • Faction rank information is no longer shown in chat messages.
    • There are now more faction ranks. Use /f promote (username) to promote a faction member to the next rank.
    • Faction land claiming is now a fixed amount.
    • There are many more changes that you will learn about as you use the plugin.


    When you join the server you will be in the hub. From here you can go to any of the servers that we host. To change servers you type /(server name). For example, if I wanted to travel to survival I would simply type /survival. Using this command is exactly like logging out of a server and logging back into another. That means no items will transfer and if you are on a server with pvp you will be combat logging (and instantly killed) if you try and run away with the commands. To join this server type /hub


    We have added a creative server due to popular demand. This server is joinable by anyone, but in order to get a creative plot to build on you must meet a set of requirements. Information on registering for a plot on this server will be released soon. To join this server type /creative


    Ever want to PVP with items and not have to worry about losing something you worked hard for? Want to test your skills against someone else without interferences from MCMMO? Then you will enjoy the KitPVP server. This server features several maps that were created on the MutinyCraft server and have been moved to this server. We still need more ideas for kits so if you think of something let us know. To join this server simply type /kitpvp

    Survival Games

    This allows you to play a Hunger Games type match against 1 or more players. The game is completely automated and will automatically reset the map and start a new round once the game is complete. More information on Survival Games can be found on the Wiki. To join this server type /survivalgames


    This server is still currently being worked on. It will offer several different game modes that are still being decided on. More information on this in the near future.

    Special Thanks

    Aeater333 - Wiki updates and testing
    EtherSong - Hub server
    iLizzy - Hub and Creative server
    r0adk1ll - Hub server
    Zombiekittey - Hub and KitPVP server
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Jigsaw, Mar 22, 2014.

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