Ubuntu seems like a good option

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by M1N3CR4FTdude123, Sep 10, 2018.

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    When I said, way back, that MS would start charging a monthly/yearly fee for win10, everybody laughed. Yet here it is, coming down the track.

    As for win7 users, it'll be years before they worry about MS leaving them in the cold. I only moved over to 7 from XP a couple of months back because there is web stuff you can't use with it any more. I has been a decade or more since XP support was ended & I never had any security issues.

    In some respects sticking with an out-dated OS is not all bad. The hackers will be focussed on the biggest/easiest target.

    MS is getting more intense in prying folks off win7. They got into bed with Intel to ensure the latest generation of Intel CPU won't run win7. When I built my latest PC I had to source a 'skylake' CPU because the newer 'hoylake' ones won't run win7.

    At my age win7 will probably see me out, but if the day dawns when only win10 will run, then I'll go Linux.
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    I’m becoming more of a developer myself, so I’m probably better off switching regardless. I already have a headless virtual Linux machine running at this moment

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