Totem of Undying to Vote Rewards

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by M1N3CR4FTdude123, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. M1N3CR4FTdude123

    M1N3CR4FTdude123 Supporter

    What is the general purpose of this suggested change/addition?
    To add the totem of undying to the vote rewards

    How will this benefit the server and the majority of the players?
    Since there are almost 0 woodland mansions, it would make the item accessible by anyone

    Does this suggestion require a plugin to be added?

    I'm thinking it would cost 10 points along with the god apple.
  2. r0adk1ll

    r0adk1ll Supporter

    Doesnt that require v1.12? Server currently on 1.11
  3. M1N3CR4FTdude123

    M1N3CR4FTdude123 Supporter

    It's 1.11

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