The official Mutinycraft cold war and Berlin wall

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  1. cade510

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    Today we experienced the mutinycraft cold war, between KFA and Sweg. This was all over an Ice biome, and we solved it with a Berlin wall. The ice biome was beautiful, but then we clashed halfway and fought over the biome with lava and building, which would "claim" it. The following photos are not edited in anyway, viewer discretion is advised.
    2014-01-12_14.32.09.png 2014-01-12_14.32.14.png
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  2. Ricky

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    Updated Pictures from live map:
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  3. Hairycaveman

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    You guys just made your side messy with lava: p

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  4. AraduRIS

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  5. dgallegos2

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    The lava is for people thinking "Oh, I am just going to take some of this Packed Ice, OH NO I FELL IN LAVA" hahahaaaaa. I also hollowed out some of the packed ice and filled it with lava soooo, Good luck to those who wish to grief!
  6. kawiforlife

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    The morons of mutiny.... xD Love you guys <3
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  7. Ricky

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    Just for the record, It wasn't even us that placed the lava on their side. ._. that shows the intelligence of the war.
  8. cade510

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    It was to try to kill you >:D

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  9. Hairycaveman

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    And me...

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