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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Jigsaw, Nov 11, 2015.

By Jigsaw on Nov 11, 2015 at 6:45 PM
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    Update 11/28/2015

    It has been decided that MutinyCraft will add a FTB Infinity Evolved server and a Hardcore Factions server. A prison server is still on the table, but if we add one it will not be right away. A lot of work will need to be done to get the FTB server ready. However, the hardcore factions server should be ready to go very soon after the build event is over that will decide the spawn building/area.

    More information will be coming soon. Expect a dedicated thread to ideas for the hardcore factions server in the near future.

    Original Post

    As I'm writing this there are 5 people online playing MutinyCraft and 4 of them are staff members. It is clear that the popularity of the server has been decreasing steadily over the last year or two and that is something I would like to change. I'm well aware that many people have lost interest in the server and a few have simply lost interest in minecraft altogether. Regardless, I believe that MutinyCraft can become more enjoyable again if we put our minds together and figure out what the server wants.

    There are many ideas that get thrown around, but I can honestly say that I do not know which ones will work. If I knew what the answer was to make the server more popular again I would do it in a heartbeat. That is why I'm writing this post. I need your help and I think if we put our minds together we can move this server in a direction that people will enjoy.

    A few things that I will not do:
    • Reset the current survival server
    • Shutdown the server altogether
    That is really the only two things I wont do. Some people have said that a full reset is the only way to get people to play again, but I have always made it my goal to preserve everyone's history here as best as I can. That doesn't mean we cannot create an additional server that resembles the current survival server for a fresh start. I simply want to always have the original survival server available for people who enjoy having that experience.

    Some possibilities that have been brought up:
    • Copy current survival server rank structure/plugins with new worlds
    • Create a hardcore factions server
    • Create a sky block server
    • Create a prison server
    • Modded server (tekkit, ftb, etc...)
    If you have any ideas post them below! I'm ready to make this server enjoyable for everyone that wants to continue playing here. I just need to know what the players would like to see!
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Jigsaw, Nov 11, 2015.

    1. Goliath_153
      Personally, I'm not as interested in FTB, but hey if it brings in new players go for it. Factions will be something I'll be looking forward too.
    2. iLizzy
    3. psychic94
      I plan on using both new servers. I may be peaceful on survival, but that's because I'm a builder. I'll probably join a faction with Sadderday and other senior members who remember when raids were common. As for the ftb server, I plan on making a wizardry cult and teaching others about the mods.
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    4. Magoo
      I'm really excited for FTB sever!!!!! I have 1000 things I want too do and I can't wait till it's up and running.

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    5. Sadderday
      So I had this neat idea for a hardcore faction server activity. I hand drew something...apologize if it's crappy....
      So Here's how it works, We will have a maximum of 5 PVP Factions, everyone else will belong to the "Rebels". There are 5 faction bases in a central location. All is well here, there is no pvp in this area, factions can put shops in, they will have pre-built bases, each base will be a little different and faction members can put stuff in chests in those bases. The base in the middle however will have some bonus perks similar to the faction wars winner base we used to have. It will be bigger and more elaborate as well.

      Once a month, this is turned into a warzone for a certain amount of time one night, 3-4 hours we will say. At that point, if you belong to a certain faction, your respawn point will be in your faction base. Now...each base will have a gate and a capture point. If an opposing faction or a member of the rebels stands on the capture point for a certain amount of time (5 minutes we will say) they will capture the spawn point. At that point, that base is in possession of the that base. This can be achieved through a Capture the Point plugin. If you belong to a faction without a spawn point, you will spawn in 1 of 4 random locations on the outskirts of the faction plaza. This is also where rebels will spawn.

      At the end of the 3-4 hour event, if a faction captured a base, they get to keep that base, and all contents in the chests. There will be a 1-2 day grace period after the event every month where the Faction Admin sorts through the results, and can unlock chests/plots/disband factions that need to be disbanded. If a rebel is the last person to capture a base, they get to retain possession of that base and create a faction to fill that void. If a faction owns more than 1 plot, They can keep the plot. There can only be as many factions as there are plots available.

      This will technically be the only place on the server where Worldguards exist.
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    6. iLizzy
      I already finish building all this bro :D
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    7. Sadderday
      I know, it'll be something similar to what we originally planned. Can you kinda layout something with those bases that I have drawn out? I wanna see how it plays out/looks.
    8. iLizzy
    9. Rhyno1605
      square? wtf... it better not be all square
    10. Rhyno1605
      make it into a functional Castle City with districts
    11. Sadderday
      Yea like that iLizzy but arranged as is in my drawing, with room for walkways and shops inbetween the castles. Should be 5 castles, one on each corner, and 1 bigger more elaborate one in the middle that will have some sort of benefit over the others. Can you do faction specific beacons?
    12. iLizzy
      haha the CREATIVE PLOT IS ABIT SMALL :D if you know what I meant :D
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    13. Samuri_Bake_Pie
      No offense, but having preset bases where you are only in danger of losing your stuff for a few hours a month isn't very hardcore. Plus, with a cap of 5 factions how are people who want to play together but not be in a main faction be able to create a faction?
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    14. TRYD
      We shouldn't restrict Hardcore Factions we should make it simple with enforced rules.

      Hardcore Factions should be hardcore, and there should be rewards for suceeding in destroying other factions, so that you force kind of a Faction Monopoly.

      Where you destroy factions or have other Factions side with you, but there are enough in the world to turn the tides even for a small faction.

      For instance, say a faction has something precious for the big faction, the big faction could raid the smaller faction but at a possible expense of the smaller factions base is too strong and fortified.

      Or they could possibly ally with the bigger faction for a chance for the smaller factions survival.

      Keep it simple, no pre-made bases the problem with most Faction Servers i've seen is they tend to overcomplicate things and as a new player you just aren't interested in all the mojo involved and would rather just start to create your faction.


      Highly Enforced Rules.
      Death Penalties
    15. Samuri_Bake_Pie
      I agree, simple rules such as no hacking and all the basics. The only thing I would add is possibly a bounty plugin, and an obsidian breaker from a certain amount of tnt so there's no unbreakable bases. Besides claiming over them, of course.
    16. Goliath_153
      I kinda like the idea of pre-made bases, that way everyone's a bit more on a level playing field when it comes to raiding. Then people can't have a heavily defended 12x12 impenetrable box.
    17. Lioncub54
      I thought the whole points f factions is to build up your base defend it and raid others
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    18. Sadderday
      I honestly would like to try something new that hasn't been done before. Give people a unique experience. If vanilla hardcore factions are so amazing, why aren't you playing one right now? I've been on those servers and there isn't a strong sense of community. People come and go like the wind, there's no structure. I guess I have a different vision for the server. I want to see something unique that you can only get here. I want people to join and I wish my old server was like this. Not, oh...this is like my old server. To just say we are going to make a Hardcore faction server and make it like all the other faction servers you can play on is just outright lazy, and frankly, I think this server can be better than that.
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    19. Samuri_Bake_Pie
      Again why I suggested the obsidian breaker plugin. There's a few out there and what it does is make obsidian breakable from try cannons, but it costs a ton of tnt.

      Sadderday I agree with you that it shouldn't be a "traditional" hardcore server and we can do better, however I don't believe limiting the number of factions and bases available is the way to go. With just 20 people online which I think is easily doable based off out track record, that means someone generally will want to play by him/herself or with family, and what if they can't get into one of the 5 factions? Or they simply want their own. The 5 factions can't be open joining either because if that was the case the first thing I would do is join, leave, and log out and wait till everyone's gone and figure out its defenses, kill the unsuspecting members, etc, so who gets to dictate who joins and who doesn't? Even if it's the first 5 to create a faction, and say one owner never plays again, that means it can take up to a month before that faction slot opens up again. I firmly believe anyone should be able to make their own faction and raid whenever or however they want and no ones base be 100% safe. With an obsidian breaker plugin, you will have to build obsidian walls super thick and even then a determined group can get in. Then no one is entirely un-raidable because everyone's gotta keep up their faction power to not get claimed over. I'm certainly open to ideas to make it less "traditional" but again, preset bases, a limited amount of factions, and a "raiding window" are not ways to go.
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    20. I_Hate_Lag_
      I think that your idea would be better served as an event, not a server. Singling out 3 hours a month seems minuscule to the 717 other hours in the month. We've tested out the idea of a capture the flag event before but I think that this would be in itself a mini game not a factions server.

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