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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Jigsaw, Nov 11, 2015.

By Jigsaw on Nov 11, 2015 at 6:45 PM
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    Update 11/28/2015

    It has been decided that MutinyCraft will add a FTB Infinity Evolved server and a Hardcore Factions server. A prison server is still on the table, but if we add one it will not be right away. A lot of work will need to be done to get the FTB server ready. However, the hardcore factions server should be ready to go very soon after the build event is over that will decide the spawn building/area.

    More information will be coming soon. Expect a dedicated thread to ideas for the hardcore factions server in the near future.

    Original Post

    As I'm writing this there are 5 people online playing MutinyCraft and 4 of them are staff members. It is clear that the popularity of the server has been decreasing steadily over the last year or two and that is something I would like to change. I'm well aware that many people have lost interest in the server and a few have simply lost interest in minecraft altogether. Regardless, I believe that MutinyCraft can become more enjoyable again if we put our minds together and figure out what the server wants.

    There are many ideas that get thrown around, but I can honestly say that I do not know which ones will work. If I knew what the answer was to make the server more popular again I would do it in a heartbeat. That is why I'm writing this post. I need your help and I think if we put our minds together we can move this server in a direction that people will enjoy.

    A few things that I will not do:
    • Reset the current survival server
    • Shutdown the server altogether
    That is really the only two things I wont do. Some people have said that a full reset is the only way to get people to play again, but I have always made it my goal to preserve everyone's history here as best as I can. That doesn't mean we cannot create an additional server that resembles the current survival server for a fresh start. I simply want to always have the original survival server available for people who enjoy having that experience.

    Some possibilities that have been brought up:
    • Copy current survival server rank structure/plugins with new worlds
    • Create a hardcore factions server
    • Create a sky block server
    • Create a prison server
    • Modded server (tekkit, ftb, etc...)
    If you have any ideas post them below! I'm ready to make this server enjoyable for everyone that wants to continue playing here. I just need to know what the players would like to see!
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Jigsaw, Nov 11, 2015.

    1. Lioncub54
      I REALLY want a FTB server, but if we can get prison also that would be great
    2. fnullerbasse
      Hello, i probably dont have a huge word in this, as i havent played on the server in a very long time.

      However, my own opinion of minecraft, is that normal vanilla gets pretty fast identical to what you did the day before. Therefore have i turned over to playing modded minecraft - i dont have much experience with it, but it is something i logon to occasionally.

      So i believe that a modded server could bring a new aspect of Mutiny while still keeping the old one.

      Why i think it would be great for this community is that the community on this server, or just across all platforms of Mutinycraft is one of the greatest i have ever seen in an online environment. Therefore a minecraft server with more to do and build / explore would bring new and amazing people to the server.. or even bring some of the old back that has grown tired of vanilla.
    3. r0adk1ll
      Crossfire1216 : All I currently have is my fort near warp mario, plus a villager village in the middle of nowhere. The latter is what I plan to develop with the WG I got with 'Legend' rank, at which point I'll probably sell my fort at mario. So I don't think I'd have any trouble raising the 'ground rent' every month.

      Despite a lot of web searching I still haven't come up with a detailed explanation of wth an FTB server even is. I know its a collection of mods. I gather its a race to get to some kind of level, but beyond that I have no idea.
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    4. DAChubon
      Before I begin, Understand that I don't play Mutiny a lot anymore. But that doesn't change the fact I love this server dearly. It was one of the first Minecraft Multiplayer experiences I ever had. It's also why if this server ever shut down or the survival world got deleted, Id pester Jigsaw for god knows how long to hand me the world files over. You don't know how much history I have connected with Ravenscoast or my Old Manor.

      Anyways, As I mentioned earlier I don't play mutinycraft as much anymore nor do I play minecraft in general that much anymore. But what I have noticed is when something new is implemented, people migrate to a sever. Something completely unheard of. That's we need, a new system or custom made plugin that fits OUR standards as a MCMMO Survival server while offering a whole new experience.

      Another route we could go is a Modded server. The problem with that is the survival worlds would remain with practically no new modded resources in older regions. It would no doubt put a strain on the server if we added a new world.

      However what this does offer is something new: Having to travel from the older regions, remastering vanilla/MCMMO skills to make it to the newer regions. A process that would take awhile but could offer a whole new level of gameplay. IMO I like that idea, it would give a player a goal, and wouldn't be too of a journey to bore a player.

      I know that if either of these things came Id rejoin.

      I still have dreams, funny enough, of me building that city. Walls so thick that even TNT cannons can't get through. Buildings in number that would make Mutiny City look like a village.

      I want that dream to be possible again, but this server has to adapt. Otherwise, Muitnycraft will only be in our memories.

      You have to make Mutinycraft unique again. Not just a Modded server like any other but one with so many possibilities that a player can take nearly any path.

      I just wanted to say my piece.
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    5. Sadderday
      I'm going to repost this because I really like the idea and I think this could serve as a really big draw for new people and could act as our main PvP server in the future.

      I also like the idea of a separate survival server but could possibly incorporate a type of "Seasons" aspect to it. By this I mean, that server and all the McMMO on that server would reset every say...6 months. Factions would be reset so it gives new players a fair chance at starting in a new season and possibly working their way towards total domination. Prizes to top McMMO rankings and top PvP factions, etc for each season. Could possibly be a Hardcore Faction/Survival server with not too much oversight. Obviously no ridiculous racist or completely obscene language or defamation and most standard rules would apply, but other than that, a little server where people can compete and let loose.

      We could obviously mess with the time between resets. It would be a world smaller than normal worlds, but larger than the battleground and wasteland worlds we have had so people can build and expand and do what they want. Awards could also be given out to McMMO over-achievers and maybe even create some content in the server such as hidden chests with loot, etc.

      I really think the seasons aspect could be really neat and we could advertise that very well. It would bring some really competitive players over. A lot of new players are discouraged on McMMO and faction servers because, well, it's really hard to get caught up. Just imagine the whole Mutiny Craft experience (I think it's the best setup for people who want to play multiplayer and experience McMMO and factions yet not worry about your stuff being destroyed) and they get to do so with a fresh start. Stuff like this is really popular in games like Diablo III, and WoW for PvP stuff. It's what keeps it fresh. We could advertise and maybe even pay in to become a featured sponsor on a minecraft server list and advertise when the start date would be. Seems like a viable risk and I'd be willing to invest in part of the cost to do it.
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    6. Rhyno1605
      PvP Server with seasons would be pretty sweet. The only other thing I would want is TNT and/or creepers. Actually have some base siege battles and a reason to fight and defend your base.
    7. Sadderday
      Not a fan of Creepers and TNT honestly, maybe I'm a wuss, but people excessively destroy stuff for no apparent reason other than they just thoroughly enjoy trolling.
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    8. Rhyno1605
      I mean yea it would suck to get your base blown up, but i think its that extra level we need to get players back. Build a functional base, concentrate on defense rather then looks.
    9. Rainbowc0l0rs
      +1 for hardcore faction server :cat:
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    10. Jigsaw
      I'm seeing a lot of good ideas still. We will likely be adding a FTB server in the near future. There is some work that needs to be done to get it ready though.

      I would also like to add another server focused either on factions or prison. Please voice your opinions now if you have a preference. Once we get the large focus decided on we can work out the details as a community to ensure it something that will be enjoyed.
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    11. Rhyno1605
      heck, do all 3. Think that would please everyone.
    12. Jigsaw
      Can't :) I work 50 hours a week.
    13. Almoace
      I will be on FTB all the time, but if I had a choice from factions or prison, I would personally go factions.
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    14. Killroit
      I love the idea of an ftb server, I also would like to experience factions maybe make one of my own

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    15. psychic94
      You basically have all the information. There are several Minecraft clients- vanilla, Feed the Beast, ATLauncher, Technic, etc. Feed the Beast has a client that focuses on large mod packs. It also has a team that works to make mod packs that are well balanced, have minimal conflicts, and have their own feel to them.
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    16. Killroit
      More ores, flowers, biomes, mobs, machines, quarries, hats, glasses, harder nether, pretty much just a lot more content that is almost endless.

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    17. Jigsaw
    18. ThePartyGuest
    19. Rhyno1605
      Do we have a ETA on FTB? Sadd, Goose and I am wanting to play. It sounds fun!
    20. Smelter_Demon
      FTB and Factions would be my choices. :D

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