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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Jigsaw, Nov 11, 2015.

By Jigsaw on Nov 11, 2015 at 6:45 PM
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    Update 11/28/2015

    It has been decided that MutinyCraft will add a FTB Infinity Evolved server and a Hardcore Factions server. A prison server is still on the table, but if we add one it will not be right away. A lot of work will need to be done to get the FTB server ready. However, the hardcore factions server should be ready to go very soon after the build event is over that will decide the spawn building/area.

    More information will be coming soon. Expect a dedicated thread to ideas for the hardcore factions server in the near future.

    Original Post

    As I'm writing this there are 5 people online playing MutinyCraft and 4 of them are staff members. It is clear that the popularity of the server has been decreasing steadily over the last year or two and that is something I would like to change. I'm well aware that many people have lost interest in the server and a few have simply lost interest in minecraft altogether. Regardless, I believe that MutinyCraft can become more enjoyable again if we put our minds together and figure out what the server wants.

    There are many ideas that get thrown around, but I can honestly say that I do not know which ones will work. If I knew what the answer was to make the server more popular again I would do it in a heartbeat. That is why I'm writing this post. I need your help and I think if we put our minds together we can move this server in a direction that people will enjoy.

    A few things that I will not do:
    • Reset the current survival server
    • Shutdown the server altogether
    That is really the only two things I wont do. Some people have said that a full reset is the only way to get people to play again, but I have always made it my goal to preserve everyone's history here as best as I can. That doesn't mean we cannot create an additional server that resembles the current survival server for a fresh start. I simply want to always have the original survival server available for people who enjoy having that experience.

    Some possibilities that have been brought up:
    • Copy current survival server rank structure/plugins with new worlds
    • Create a hardcore factions server
    • Create a sky block server
    • Create a prison server
    • Modded server (tekkit, ftb, etc...)
    If you have any ideas post them below! I'm ready to make this server enjoyable for everyone that wants to continue playing here. I just need to know what the players would like to see!
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Jigsaw, Nov 11, 2015.

    1. Magoo
      I like this idea ! I hope we can have it too ;) if not we always have mutiny team speak .

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    2. Crossfire1216
      I really like that idea! And I've seen it before too. @Jigsaw_game Can we do this?

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    3. Jigsaw
      Um... We've had that for about two years...
    4. AraduRIS
      God bless time travel. :lol-guy:
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    5. Garlock
      if only more people joined the teamspeak and people would stop staying in their hidey hole :banghead:
    6. Aeater333
      be staff and you can come to our hidey hole
    7. Garlock
      jigs wont let me :(
    8. ZonkedColt712
      Perhaps bring back the admin shop on survival?
    9. Goliath_153
      If we really want to bring the server back, bring back it's player base first before worrying about the smaller stuff.
    10. HappyMuk
      Had wonders that too. Make it possible to play without other players. Slightly more single player like so people dont need other player to buy items and sell items too.
    11. r0adk1ll
      In games, as with life, everyone is just passing through. Some stay longer than others.

      Players who join any game (not just minecraft) while they are young suddenly have distractions. The opposite sex become interesting and then exams hit you while you're down. By the time you've finished with education, alcohol & clubbing you are a different person. You not coming back is unlikely to be because the server is different.

      But to attract the next generation of gamers you sometimes have to add new features that many of the existing players don't like, so its like walking a tightrope I guess.

      The main thing is to keep advertising the server. If people don't know its here they'll never join to see if they like it.

      ...and the best way for players to do that is for EVERYBODY to vote EVERY SINGLE DAY.

      Its not as if its difficult, and jigs even offers inducements. People look at "/vote top " and ask me "how". Its simple guys and gals. I've voted every day for years and you obviously havent, and if you think 2500 is a lot of vote points consider the fact that I've used about another 500 or 600 buying diamonds to repair my stuff while pimping my stats. Every time I vote now I buy dia with the extra vote points to leave me at 2500.

      If you use MA to pimp your stats you won't need to do that, so you'll be even better off.

      As a first step to resurrecting the server popularity stop wailing into your hankies & vote every day on all of the options (the 5th one is borked so you only gain 4 vote points per day)
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    12. HappyMuk

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