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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Jigsaw, Nov 11, 2015.

By Jigsaw on Nov 11, 2015 at 6:45 PM
  1. Jigsaw

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    Update 11/28/2015

    It has been decided that MutinyCraft will add a FTB Infinity Evolved server and a Hardcore Factions server. A prison server is still on the table, but if we add one it will not be right away. A lot of work will need to be done to get the FTB server ready. However, the hardcore factions server should be ready to go very soon after the build event is over that will decide the spawn building/area.

    More information will be coming soon. Expect a dedicated thread to ideas for the hardcore factions server in the near future.

    Original Post

    As I'm writing this there are 5 people online playing MutinyCraft and 4 of them are staff members. It is clear that the popularity of the server has been decreasing steadily over the last year or two and that is something I would like to change. I'm well aware that many people have lost interest in the server and a few have simply lost interest in minecraft altogether. Regardless, I believe that MutinyCraft can become more enjoyable again if we put our minds together and figure out what the server wants.

    There are many ideas that get thrown around, but I can honestly say that I do not know which ones will work. If I knew what the answer was to make the server more popular again I would do it in a heartbeat. That is why I'm writing this post. I need your help and I think if we put our minds together we can move this server in a direction that people will enjoy.

    A few things that I will not do:
    • Reset the current survival server
    • Shutdown the server altogether
    That is really the only two things I wont do. Some people have said that a full reset is the only way to get people to play again, but I have always made it my goal to preserve everyone's history here as best as I can. That doesn't mean we cannot create an additional server that resembles the current survival server for a fresh start. I simply want to always have the original survival server available for people who enjoy having that experience.

    Some possibilities that have been brought up:
    • Copy current survival server rank structure/plugins with new worlds
    • Create a hardcore factions server
    • Create a sky block server
    • Create a prison server
    • Modded server (tekkit, ftb, etc...)
    If you have any ideas post them below! I'm ready to make this server enjoyable for everyone that wants to continue playing here. I just need to know what the players would like to see!
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Jigsaw, Nov 11, 2015.

    1. LordToast
      I like the sounds of a modded server.
    2. kawiforlife
      To have a Prison server you'd really have to adjust the swearing rules because it attracts nothing but salty 8 year olds who swear at everything and everyone. Basically the same for the hardcore factions.
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    3. iLizzy
      Modded is great, changing to a new world is also great :D salty 8 year old is that you Adam?
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    4. VaporousTrue
      I would love to see all this.
    5. Lioncub54
      Modded seems pretty cool but would we be able to create our own pack
    6. Killroit
      Hardcore factions sound fun, also prison and a modded server does not sound too bad.
      Maybe a Ultra hardcore survival server?

      I think we should change some things with the survival server.
      ( Just ideas don't get salty)

      - New mob arenas, maybe look into the zombie survival maps.
      - A scoreboard for voters either on the website or on the server. ( Maybe with some new rewards)
      - Maybe a new grief plugin or something, one server I checked out had it tell moderators when someone griefed another players block, might be spammy idk.
      - Maybe free/smaller creative plots and you pay for more area.
      - Maybe more spawner types like Zombies,Skeletons, Blazes just with jacked prices.
      - Maybe rewards/titles for playing on the server example: 1 day playtime = Rookie, 5 days playtime = Member
      - A new hub server
      - Maybe a /randomtp for wilderness just so there is less grief maybe?
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    7. Luna Fang
      Luna Fang
      My apologies for not being on myself but i think modded would be awesome.. maybe even suggest slimefun. ive done that single player and it adds a extra boost.
    8. Jigsaw
      Keep the ideas coming!

      There are a ton of different modded server types so if you have a specific one just mention it so we can look into it more.

      We could adjust the chat rules, but people would still be expected to have some self control.
    9. ZodiacForever
      I would totally love a new base survival world to be added. It'd be interesting for new players not to wander/grief into older builds :D
    10. cowttrim
      Classic Tekkit is a riot. That is my number one thought. Number two would be SkyBlock, that is always a blast.

      I like the idea of new worlds, but maybe a world were you have a separate inventory? So it is a complete fresh start. I think Battleground at one point was like that.
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    11. I_Hate_Lag_
      I think that what he meant with that was having a different survival server so that new players are able to access a sub-server completely separate from the current survival. In our current survival, there are so many people that have everything they want and more. I do agree with this idea because it would allow new players to be on a similar playing field as the rest of the players. Right now I feel like there's way too big of a gap between starting players and big players. A gap that could almost never be crossed by the new players on our server. Having a new server would allow it to be structured differently, in making a new economy and such. Of course, the old one wouldn't be deleted but I think that if we're looking for new players they would want to play equally to others instead of facing an economy they can't even compete in.

      I like the idea of a hardcore survival server maybe with punishments for death like money loss or something. Also a new economic system would be interesting. This would provide a new competitive side for players to interact as a community.
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    12. Magoo
      I really like the idea of a hardcore survival server, and the idea of a modded sever. FTB sounds pretty good.
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    13. iLizzy
      How about we make our own modded server HUEHEUHEUH don't scold me please
    14. Cecil
      I still play with around 8 people from Mutiny and I really don't know what exactly to suggest but I can speak for us all and say we miss Mutiny a TON, we talk about it all the time still and would love to come back but we just don't have anything to do anymore, I hope to come back again one day and actively play <3.
    15. dgallegos2
      >bored of minecraft in general

      I can tell you one thing that killed my vibe to Mutiny was the hub server change. I'm not saying anything but if you want a reason why some players could've lost interest, that's one.

      It's too mainstream. Hub servers are either incredibly popular or incredibly unpopular. Again, this was the reason I and a few others quit. Hope to see mutiny take a turn for the better soon.
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    16. iLizzy
      You don't have a PC not you quit. :D
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    17. marcusdjsuper
      Marcus here, i've not been very active for a while now, because the lack of players on mutiny. I loved mutiny craft for as long as i can remember, and it would make me really sad to see mutiny come to an end.
      My 2 cousins, Rygdahl ans NinjaKoen actually planed to continue on our latest project crystal mall.

      Alright Jigsy, here is some ideas, to help the things that I and i know a lot of other lost a bit of interest in mutiny.

      -Fix Job payment
      I don't mean like 4-5 years ago where you could make 3 million in 2 hours of farming, but it defintly got a lot harder to make money, and in many perspectives, impossible.
      Also i would say bring back mainshop i think it was called, where you could sell wheat, and gold ectual.

      -Add some more MMO's
      I loved the server at the first 2 minutes because of Jobs, cprivate, economy and MCMMO. Adding more of these would defintly make more interest.

      -Make some adds! I would personally myself help to bring the sight of mutiny out there!

      Again, it would make me really sad to see Mutiny come to an end.
      Marcus out
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    18. silverwolf1989
      Hey Jigs,

      I agree, I would not like to see the current survival server reset or see this place shutdown. So many players myself included have put too much of ourselves into this place. But in saying this it would be fantastic to see a SkyBlock server, they look fantastic!

      I would also like to see the monthly voting rewards back again. I mean yes you get points voting each time, but just that little extra of a reward to the top three voters of the month, to me it gives those players the intention to vote more or consistently.

      I like some of the ideas that others have mention above. Like adding a zombie survival map, that sounds like it could be fun. Or even just adding everything you mentioned above, plugins with new worlds, hardcore factions etc..

    19. Jigsaw
      The point of this post is to see what people want to see change so they have something to do and aim for. Throw some ideas out there.
      I don't really buy this argument, sorry. The survival server literally did not change at all when we transitioned into a hub server. The only thing that changed was we had more things for players to do outside of survival.
      The changes you mentioned are for the current survival server and I appreciate the suggestions, but we are looking for broad changes. A few changes to the current survival server aren't going to make many people want to come back again from what I'm hearing.
      Monthly voting rewards were dying off when I put a stop to them. There were only about 2 or 3 players who voted relatively frequently. The last few months of voting rewards we saw the same winner over and over.

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