The Extensive Guide to Grind McMMO

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    This is coming from the person with the highest power level on the server, so you can definitely trust my methods.

    This will be going from easiest to hardest stat to train.

    #1: Fishing
    This stat is so easy to train I'm giving it its own category. Look up on youtube an afkfisher design and get a mending rod, easy max fishing within a few nights.

    #2: Herbalism
    Herbalism one of the easiest stats to train. It requires very few resources and you can grind to 3,000 relatively quickly.
    Simply go to /warp kfarm (ask me for access) and break the top 2 blocks of sugarcane.

    OPTIONAL: Join job Farmer

    #3: Acrobatics
    Acrobatics is the most useful stat you could possibly train on MutinyCraft. Fall damage is one of the most annoying things in the game and this negates it entirely.
    You can warp to /warp freeacro and use the low-level acro trainer (hold shift!) until you reach level 500, at which point you can use the high level acro trainer (hold shift!) until you reach 3,000.
    WARNING: Do not begin falling until 5 seconds after warping.

    #4: Woodcutting
    Woodcutting is an extremely easy stat to grind for power level because it never really gets harder to grind. Go to /warp freewood (I can give you access) and use tree feller on the giant spruce trees. (Be sure to replant!)
    OPTIONAL: Join job Woodcutter

    #5: Excavation
    Excavation is a really useful stat to grind because you can excavate for diamonds without the hazards of mining.

    Try to grab a god shovel with mending and when possible, use giga drill breaker (3x xp) and if your shovel is about to break, repair it at /warp m1xp or /warp xp2.
    OPTIONAL: Join job Digger

    #6: Repair
    Repair is one of the fastest stats to grind, but I'm making it yellow because of its massive requirement of diamonds.

    You can stand against a cactus with unenchanted diamond armor and when it's near broken, you take it off and repair it.
    A beacon can give you regen and resistance to prevent death.

    #7: Mining

    Mining is, unsurprisingly, one of the most common stats to have ground to 1,000. It does not go to 3,000 very easily, though.
    The fastest way to grind is to go to a layer that has netherquartz ore and use an efficiency 5 pickaxe, with mending and unbreaking preferably, and just demolish the entire nether.
    OPTIONAL: Join job Miner

    #8: Unarmed

    Unarmed is most certainly the easiest combat stat to train, but I would not recommend you train it for prodigy. Why? You can't then turn around and use it for legend.
    Just go to /warp xp2 or /warp m1xp and fist the endermen to death.

    #9: Axes

    Axes is the second easiest combat stat to train, but it has been heavily nerfed after 1.9 combat changes. The only thing going for it is that it has a static damage bonus that caps at level 200, and so you can still spam hit with it.
    Use a mending axe at /warp xp2 or /warp m1xp.

    #10: Swords
    Swords is a relatively difficult stat to train because you must wait the full cooldown of your sword in order to get max McMMO levels.
    Use a mending sword with sweeping edge 3 at /warp xp2 or /warp m1xp

    #11: Archery

    I can say that archery is one of the most fun stats to train, because its fastest method is to use MobArena.
    Go to /warp ma and join an arena. Pick bowman.
    OPTIONAL: Join job Hunter

    #12: Taming

    Taming is an annoying as hell stat to train because you must convince a pack of unintelligent wolves to kill a bunch of mobs
    I personally went to /warp ma and hit everything with (NOT AN EMPTY HAND) a potion/golden apple when using the support class.
    OPTIONAL: Join job Hunter

    #13: Alchemy

    I hate this stat so much. Not only does it take forever to train, it costs a metric shitton of gunpowder to train efficiently.
    Make a semi-automatic brewer and make a ton of splash speed extended potions and just throw them all away once you're done.

    Thanks for reading this extensive guide on which stats to train and how to train them! If you have suggestions, please reply to this thread.
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