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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Jigsaw, Jul 23, 2020.

By Jigsaw on Jul 23, 2020 at 7:12 PM
  1. Jigsaw

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    Hey Everyone,

    See the end for a TL;DR.

    This has been a long time coming, but I have been putting it off for literally years. I simply do not play Minecraft anymore and I cannot justify leaving the server online for the extremely small number of players who do occasionally play. I will be shutting the server down July 31, 2020. All of the files will be backed up and saved to my PC, so nothing will technically be "lost". See the bottom of this post for links to download the world files! There are log files and player files with IP addresses in them and I would not want those to be released publicly.

    I want to thank every single one of you who spent time on MutinyCraft. There was a time that this server was basically my whole life. I would spend my days at college thinking about how the server was running or spend my summer days constantly interacting with players and making sure things ran as smoothly as possible. This was my life for several years and I wouldn't have had it any other way. There were so many great people who played the server over the years and I am lucky to have some of them as friends to this day. Even if I didn't talk to you much or you may not have even known who I was I still appreciate you spending time on MutinyCraft when there were thousands of other servers to choose from.

    Finally, if you are looking for old players or just want another Discord to join checkout: I'm not online much, but if you see me online feel free to message me and say hi. I really enjoy hearing from old players.

    Main World (8.02 GB):
    Adventure World (5.4 GB):
    Old World (4.83 GB):
    Nether (617 MB):
    Warp List:

    TL;DR - I'm going to be turning the server off July 31, 2020. All the files will be saved and I have decided to release the world files to the public. The website will remain online for at least an additional month, but will also likely be saved and shut down.
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Jigsaw, Jul 23, 2020.

    1. I_Hate_Lag_
      I've had some of my fondest memories playing on this server when I was younger. There are so many hours that I and many others have sunk into it, in builds, MCMMO levels, grinding out at Mob Arena... This server will be missed by many. I'm happy to have met so many people from all around the world.

      It's been a long time since the server has been lively, but if we were close friends it would be great to catch up. My discord is IHateLag#1139 and my battle net is IHateLag#1337
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    2. kawiforlife
      The amount of time I've spent here... Man it would be a childhood dream to get those world files. I've only been asking for years :) It was a good run man. You did a hell of a job running this server and I've met so many great people from it. Some of my best friends to this day I met here... I appreciate everything you did man I really do. Hope life is treating you well <3
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    3. Rainbowc0l0rs
      My discord is Peena#8418 to anyone who wants to talk :)

      Mutiny was a very important place for me. I had started homeschooling due to health problems and bullying in highschool, I would literally spend hours just sitting in bed on my laptop. I would sit in my shitty rat hole I had built and called home and just talk. Talk for hours. I remember Christmas time on mutiny, that was my favorite time. Thank you for leaving the server up for as long as you have and thank you for saving everything yourself at least. It’s nice to know you’ll have it all.

      mutiny was and always will be the best Minecraft server I’ve ever played on. It’s the only one where I felt a part of the community. I only have fond memories when I think back. The nostalgia makes me want to cry. I wish I could go back for a day.

      Love you all,
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    4. Mandalz
      Thank you for keeping the server running for as long as you did Jigs.

      I’m so grateful I got introduced to this server. So many great memories, friendships, rage quits, and frustration came from playing but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. A couple of bestfriends I’ve made from mutiny I had the chance to meet IRL. it’s so surreal and we have you to thank for that. I’m gonna miss it so so much considering when I get bored and want to reminisce I hop on for a bit. Nothing can take mutinycrafts place. I hope all is well jigs thank you.
    5. Killroit
      I started playing with my girlfriend now wife around July 2015, Mutinycraft was the only server my wife and I played on and we have great memories from then, annoying Jigsaw in his office to becoming friends and a mediocre moderator, and making friends with the rest of the mod team and playing games with them outside of minecraft. I enjoyed my stay even if it was short, I have friends that will last longer.

      During my time on Mutinycraft I lost my Dog Sasha and before that happened me and my wife got a wolf and named her Sasha, I still log on just to visit her sometimes.

      Thank you jigs for everything you did for us all. I enjoyed my stay
    6. JackTurbo95
      Honestly a day I never thought would come. The memories I had on this server will stay with me forever, playing till 6am then going to school was just amazing albeit very tiring!

      I’m gonna miss this place, an end of an era. If anyone wants to get back in touch with me I primarily use discord now, Turbo#0941 even though I don’t really play Minecraft anymore just hmu if you wanna go through some old memories!

      Thank you Jigs, for giving not just myself but a lot of other people some of the fondest memories of their teenage/young adult years.
    7. Algi1998
      It was a blast. Thanks for helping me through my problematic teen years; I'm a better person now thanks to y'all. So many memories, too many to put into words. Discord is angus#5318, love you guys :(
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    8. dgallegos2
      This hit harder than I thought it would. Mutiny was my home in my high school years. My family and I had just moved to Southern California, didn't really know anyone at school so Mutiny became kind of like my second home. Every day after school I remember getting on TS with the friends I've come to know and grind our MCMMO stats or linking up at /warp nuke1/2. I'll always remember this place and the memories it created for everyone.

      I honestly can't say I've ever had a community in a video game I've come to love as much as Mutiny. I've already got quite a few of you on insta/discord so if anyone wants to stay in touch that I haven't hit up yet, you can add my discord.

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    9. AraduRIS
      Reading this really hits home hard, but I think we all knew this day was going to come eventually since nothing lasts forever. I have made a lot of memories that I like to remember to this day. It's really funny because I never imagined it to be such a big ride in the first place, but it turned out to shape me quite a lot!

      I have never managed to make a similiar experience in any of the following games I played, the community was truly great and I always felt like this was my home back when I used to play with all of you.

      I've had an awesome time here and I thank everyone of you for being a part of it. I also thank Jigsaw for putting up with me even though I was pretty stupid sometimes :p

      Edit: If anybody is interested in contact, or if you just want to casually talk about something you can hit me up at Discord (Nerra#4974)
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    10. ZodiacForever
      I honestly don't know what to say. I am upset because I was one of the few folks to keep coming back to this server every other day or two days. I am grateful to have met all the wonderful folks here and I am happy to say that I will probably still keep talking to those same folks almost regularly. This server was the one sole reason why I refused to update and it was well worth it. Other Minecraft servers didn't click with me, so I ended up always coming back here and enjoying every moment of it.

      I don't like leaving lengthy comments, but if you wanna keep reading, it's my story of discovering this place.
      To get something out of the way, I used to lie a lot about my personal information for good measure, so if you knew something about me that seemed inconsistent, that's why.
      I was introduced to this server by foxfire92 back when we were in middle school. I got banned a couple times but after returning for a third, I spent my entire high school life basically living out this server. Now I've got my Associate's Degree and moving on to my next life in university. Eight long years and I couldn't ask for anything better. I built a lot of things here and I was still building some of them, but in all honesty, I got more than what I could ask for. Spending sleepless nights just mining and building were some of the best days of my teenaged life and it got me through some tough times.
      Just wanna throw some lowballs out there just so I can get things off my chest. NoobilyJoobily was my younger brother and this was the first Minecraft server he joined. Awgdawg9 was my best friend since as long as I could remember. PsychoCream, DaKurlz13, Sir_Frankus, Zodiac505, and Lavaguy123456 were IRL friends I had begged and convinced to get Minecraft just so I could have some people in my faction.

      I don't have much else to say. I want to thank everyone for playing on this server. I'm still gonna be upset to see it go. But like I already mentioned, I got more than I could ever ask for and I will always be grateful.
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    11. cowttrim
      This server, this community, was one of my favourite things in my life. It was the first multiplayer Minecraft server I had ever played on, and it was by far and away the best I ever found. I feel so happy, and grateful, and privileged even, that I could partake in this journey with all of you. And to continue sounding overly philosophical and lame, part of the journey is the end. So while I will (and do already) miss this server, I am glad I can look back and smile at the golden years I spent with this community, and the countless experiences I had with y'all.
      Huge thank you to Jigs for making this server and running it amazingly all these years.
      Thank you to all the mods and staff and supporters who supported Jigs in making that happen.
      Thank you to everyone who participated in this server and made it what it was.

      P.S. Discord: Blesus#5454
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    12. bageend_Jr
      Jigsaw i am so saddened to hear that mutinycraft is closing. ive been visiting it about once a week for a little while. today i built a bedrock house behind my house (pls dont ban me mr jigsaw). i remember being probably 8 years old, playing this server with my brother and all of his friends. i was raised on this server, i learned everything on this server. i miss the skyrace competitions and the maze competitions. i miss ipuntbabies. i miss all the other various OGs. my fondest memories are killing you in nuketown when you had an inventory of leather boots and another good memory is saying “hey look (.)(.) they’re eyes!” and you saying “if you say that one more time i WILL ban you” and it was funny because i didn’t know it looked like boobs, sorry! im 16 now and i finally understand why (.)(.) looks like boobs. im older and still not any more mature! anyways Jigsaw i miss you a ton and i wish i could have a conversation with you. please be on mutinycraft all of closing day. it would mean the world to me.
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    13. DAChubon
      It’s a dark and wet morning. The clock reads 4:30 AM. I’m driving to work and pulling into the damp parking lot. The street lights illuminate the paved ground as I turn off the ignition. I see my phone flash in the dim lighting of my car. Noticing my messages I see that my best friends have found out mutinycraft is closing.

      The first time I logged into Mutinycraft, I was 12. It was my first true multiplayer experience. Before, I only had a Wii and and a gameboy. We had just gotten a new household computer that could run modern software a year ago but it would be a year later when we would upgrade our internet speed to match it.

      I joined and I was blown away. Quickly, I got all my friends who had introduced me to Minecraft onto the server.

      I spent years on it. So many summers and days after school, I would be on there. I learned a lot and made a lot and not just in game things. Some of the events that occurred in Mutinycraft is how i actually made a friendship regrow and make that bond one between brothers. Others strengthened the bonds with the best friends I already had and others I lost.

      Mutinycraft is some of my fondest memories and even now years later as a senior in college and working a full time job, I look back on it with a smile. In games now, if I have to make up a backstory or if I’m developing my own world, I find myself bringing back to Mutinycraft.

      I have crafted this world in my mind that is in the likes of an epic that takes inspiration from what happened on this server. The months building the manor at a place that would be known as Ravenscoast. The Capital as spawn and the three shattered cities. All of Roadkill’s builds, they all serve as inspiration to the stories I write. When I play Minecraft on other servers, usually role play ones, I tell bold fables of Mutinycraft

      This server truly is my childhood and will always be something I carry with me.

      I have learned a great deal since I was that boy long ago on a warm summer in 6th grade. I’ve learned that not everything lasts forever and my experiences have humbled me.

      I am sad to see Mutinycraft go, but it’s time for it to end. When I gaze upon that server list and see the ping is dead, I will delete it and give a long sigh with a wistful smile on my lips.

      Thank you for letting me be apart of this world and experiencing so much. I will never forget it.

      Perhaps I’ll see you all on for that last day.


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    14. kawiforlife
      Fuck you Covid-19 this is all your fault!
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    15. r0adk1ll
      well.... :p
      Had to happen I guess. I was in here on my own, virtually every day, for as far back as I can remember. Guess I better download all my builds into single player before they're gone forever.

      Thanks for running the server all this time Jigs. I've enjoyed my time in here.

      I kinda got used to the benefits of having epic stats. Starting over on another server is really going to suck.

      Is everyone who still plays going to the same new server or are we scattering to the 4 winds?
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    16. r0adk1ll
      Thank you for putting the world files up Jigs. I couldn't get 'world-downloader' working (to just save my bits of the world) for the life of me even though it worked fine in the past, so I'm waiting while my cr@ppy 10MHz ADSL chews its way through the downloads of the complete worlds.

      I've saved the co-ords of my stuff. I'm hoping to lift my builds as schematics and drop them all in a special single-player world called mutinycraft, so I can wander around them and remember the glory days in here.

      All the best to everyone in their lives. I'll try and get on for the last day.
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    17. psychic94
      It's sad to see it go. I never forgot about my time here and even wanted to show my friends some of the amazing builds on occasion, but new it would be difficult to get them online at the same time as a mod so they could get a rank and warp. I've popped on a few times to check on things, but I don't really play Minecraft much anymore either. I watch it on Youtube on occasion, but I've moved on to other games. This was my home for a time. Thank you for being so kind and putting up with my obnoxious teenage years.

      PS: Forgot to mention. It's great to see the maps getting uploaded, but they're so massive. Could you also upload the list of warps from Essentials' settings or something?
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    18. Jigsaw
      I've updated the original post with a csv file containing all of the warps, the world they're in, and their coordinates. Thanks I_Hate_Lag_ for creating the file.
    19. cakeislife
      (TLDR there is none)

      Hey all,

      I'm new.

      (Definitely not proofreading this or reading it again, good legacy am I right)

      I think I was the 6th person here. I'm sure Jigs can remind me exactly, but I've been here for around 10 years (since i was like 15?? wth) and got some things to say. I met Jigs and a bunch of other old players from Patrick Swarz, an Alpha Minecraft server in 2010 (?). After that Jigs said he was making a legit server so a bunch of us left. It was like the wild west at first on the server, just a few people in a small town (warp village). Pretty crazy to see how the server grew over time, but that just shows the testament of how a strong community fosters growth for more people to join in. Anyways I've lived through pretty much everything on the server and this message is going to be my tell all (I think, haha).

      1 first, like the first week on the server deathgoddess trained me, and taught me (incorrectly) how to use/jump in the nether. Very scary, and a little mod abuse :D haha.

      2 some staff and I were bored at some point and made a faction with our alts haha (dwbi, it was short lived), (I also had other alts like cultron, excommunications, quentinxhiskool in beyond, and I think that's it)

      3 I have a bunch of books written from people on the server from over the years writing down various lore and Mutinycraft culture. I'll be sharing them when I log on (especially on the last day).

      4 I bought Samuri_bake_pie's account so he could join the server from the alpha server in like 2010 haha (i'll take it back now :DDDD )

      5 I met Aigina irl (sorry Dodito! I regret not getting to meet with you when you were around)

      6 Gillyboy5 is my brother, I think a lot of staff had/have family on the server, so be sure to thank them for introducing you for all the good times haha.

      7 early on in the server i somehow glitched onto the top of the nether and Jigs let me have a house there. I built my 2nd house there and it's super ugly in classic Cake faction (I think Sadderday tried to hunt me for a staff killing event but it was impossible haha)

      8 at that nether house is a small hall of admins/some mods names signed, I suggest a wall somewhere with everyones names on signs for the last day of the server to commemorate.

      9 maybe all the staff that got dragon eggs can spawn them on the last day?

      10 Thank you all to everyone for reading this and making the formative years of my life entertaining and insightful. Without the server I can say I'd have turned out to be a totally different person for the worse. The people I've met here have given me fantastic advice, friendship, and a sense of community unlike anywhere else. Again thanks to Phil especially for all he's done. It's incalculable the positive effect your server has had for everyone that's had the pleasure of being a part of something so magical. Without you none of this would exist.

      POSTSCRIPT (skip if you're in a hurry, pffft).

      I'll be sure to check the Mutinycraft Discord daily when I'm feeling nostalgic, whenever since I know I'll always love the server. You can DM me there whenever, I'll try to be active (that is if I'm not busy streaming or editing for fun on the side: sidepoint, I recently revived my channel, ESSARGEE everywhere, shameless plug over).

      Anyways, the ramblings of an old 26 year old are now over for the most part. Hit me up on discord to trade stories about the server, I'm the unofficial historian haha, and remind me of any secret stories I didn't bring to light in this post! I also have some old screenshots, I encourage everyone to share them on discord.

      You're gonna carry that weight.

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