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    MutinyCraft now has a TeamSpeak 3 server available for anyone who would like to join! If you aren't familiar with how TeamSpeak works we have included a few tutorials below that will help you get started. Depending on your rank in game you may be able to request your own private TeamSpeak channel. If you are the admin of a faction you are allowed one channel for your faction. If you are a Prodigy or above you are allowed one channel for anyone you choose. Please see below for more information.

    If you choose to join us on TeamSpeak please follow the server rules in regards to chat while you are in the public channels. However, if you request your own private channel you are free speak how you wish as long as it doesn't offend players who are in your channel. This only applies to a private channel that you request and none of the other TeamSpeak channels.

    TeamSpeak 3 IP:
    Server Password: mutinycraft

    Note: The password is case sensitive.

    Tutorial on installing and setting up TeamSpeak 3.

    Request your very own TeamSpeak channel.

    TeamSpeak Rules.

    Skype VS TeamSpeak 3:
    Read the comparison (open)

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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Jigsaw, Mar 10, 2013.

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