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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Jigsaw, May 22, 2014.

By Jigsaw on May 22, 2014 at 6:46 PM
  1. Jigsaw

    Jigsaw Staff Member Administrator Founder Developer

    Summer is fast approaching and that means that more people will have time to play minecraft. Most of you know that we currently have very few Moderators and Support Admins and it is my hope that we can fill some positions in the very near future.

    There will likely be several Moderators that are promoted to the rank of Support Admin. What that means for non-staff players is that we will also need new Moderators on the server. If you are interested in the opportunity to help MutinyCraft become more enjoyable for everyone who plays I encourage you to apply for a staff position.

    If you have applied in the past I encourage you to reapply so that I know you are still interested.

    Read this post if you feel you would like to become a Moderator.

    One final note:
    • Do not apply for staff if you are currently inactive on the server. Using the excuse that "I need a reason to be active and if I get Moderator I will become active" is not a valid reason. We need staff members who enjoy the server, regardless of their rank.
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Jigsaw, May 22, 2014.

    1. Dr. Derpy
      Dr. Derpy
      I know it's a bit belated, but I just want to say congrats to those who have achieved rank-ups, and good luck to anyone who is interested or pursuing one. The positions you have or are about to obtain are a direct show of faith, and i'm certain that you all will go above and beyond expectations as you begin your new roles in the community.

      If you fit into this category, don't forget this: A good candidate will gain prestige from being a staff member. However, a great candidate will increase the prestige of the position of staff.

    2. Ricky
      "I normally do not reply to applications that are submitted unless you are chosen for a staff position."
      It would be helpful for you to just put: Application Denied :( that way the person isn't waiting for no reason..
    3. AraduRIS
      If you really wanted it you would keep going anyways. :eek:
    4. Jigsaw
      It is hard to reply to each application with something meaningful. I don't just want to say it was denied because I have went back to staff applications that are months old and ranked people off of those before.
    5. Ricky
      A few large servers that I have applied for that have a lot more applications still notified me fairly quickly, (The one is the largest minecraft server out there and I got a reply in 2 days) they handle things a lot differently though, it is in the norm for a player to submit anywhere from 3-7 applications before being accepted. After each application that you are denied they give you a general list of things that will better your chances for staff (The list is the same for everyone) and you can take that list and try to follow it. I'm not saying that this is a better way or saying this is how it should be ran (Probably not because of the difference in sizes of the communities) but I felt that I knew which direction to head in after being denied, with an application just sitting there it leaves you wondering what you have not done right. Just sharing :)
    6. Jigsaw
      I've made a post on what you (and anyone who wishes to be a staff member) can do in order to achieve the rank. As I said I don't normally think of applications as accepted or denied. It is more like accepted, possible candidate, possible candidate in the future, likely won't be accepted, and then denied. The only applications I actually consider denied are people who play here for 1 hour and somehow find the staff application. If you are an active member of the server you have a reasonable chance to get Moderator if you follow the guide I linked above.

      If anyone is ever concerned about the status of their application they are more than welcome to speak to me in private message. I have no plans in the future of replying to every staff application. I am, as always, more than welcome to address any questions someone has in private. You just need to contact me.
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    7. were40
      are there still going to be more promotions in the near future?
    8. Jigsaw
    9. Jigsaw
      Congrats to Hairycaveman. There are still open positions and if you have submitted a staff application in the recent past you are still being considered.
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    10. Ricky
      Congratz :)
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    11. Hairycaveman
      Thanks jigs :) good luck to anyone else who applied
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    12. Jigsaw
      Congrats to valdeek! There are still plenty of spots open so if you are trying for a staff spot don't give up. :)
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    13. psychic94
      Y u no congratamulatate grantism55? Thats rather rude.
    14. ZodiacForever
      Congratulations grantism55 on Moderator. You're a wonderful member of my faction and you deserve this position! :D
    15. Jigsaw
      Congrats to grantism55. There have been quite a few moderators ranked recently. I'm still looking for more, but it will be a few days before anymore promotions. I want to be ensure the new staff get the help they need before ranking more.
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    16. I_Hate_Lag_
      Grats Luna Fang on Moderator! Good luck to all the other players trying to get moderator!
    17. Jigsaw
      Congrats to Luna Fang and gamess6 on Moderator! There likely won't be anymore promotions for a week or more. I need to let the new Moderators get adjusted.

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