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Discussion in 'Buy / Sell / Trade' started by Matt_Medlock, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. Matt_Medlock

    Matt_Medlock New Member

    I have come up with an access amount of redstone and with my skills in redstone eating at me, I NEED to do something with it. As proof of my skills I provide Nothing yet; however, I do come from a server based on redstone and I have made many great things there as well (in fear of advertising I will NOT disclose the IP or the mascot of the server.) Vincent34pierce is also from this server and is even a moderator. We both posses skills with redstone that I would say are beyond that of the average player.
    We can make:
    -ANY piston doors if given enough room.
    -Advance piston pushers for almost any uses.
    -ROCU's for any advanced circuitry.
    -Piston controlled enchantment rooms for target level choosing.
    -Combo-locks up to a number pad of 0-9 or as long of a line of buttons as needed. (Not the fake combo locks either, mess up, start again.)
    -If needed, tic-tac-toe (knots and crosses) or any other games including connect four, donkey kong, or random small games.
    -Almost anything really.

    The prices of our services will vary depending on the supply we use and the time/skill taken to make the desired project.

    Down below, post what you want, how well it be done, and the when and where of it.

    We will try to respond as quickly as possible! Thank you for reading!
  2. drackmore

    drackmore Super Epic Dude

    how much for a clock?
  3. Matt_Medlock

    Matt_Medlock New Member

    Depends, do you mean a simple little redstone clock or one that tracks time?
  4. HarunDanyal

    HarunDanyal Supporter

    Yah I can def vouch for Matt's redstone skills, if there's anyone on the server who knows redstone, its Matt ^.

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