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  1. camedice98

    camedice98 Active Member

    My most recent project that has consumed most of my time gathering resources and just building in general. The name of this project is Farmville. To get there, go to "/warp farmville". At Farmville, we have a large sugarcane plantation, wheat farm, and just finished the watermelon portion. The next project is adding the other half of the sugarcane plantation:trolol:.




    My mission with this farm is to allow new players and allied factions to have a free access to food and income. Farmville is maintained by myself, camedice98, and several other Scorps members, including 97deathmage and HorseFTW. Anyone can use this farm under a few, easy, commonsense rules. The farm is FREE, and I reiterate, FREE.

    There is only a few rules that are so simple, that nobody should really have a problem with them. Anyways, rules:
    • When you are farming the sugarcane, only break the top blocks, not the base/bottom block. Breaking the bottom block prevents the regrowth of sugarcane and replanting costs more than just leaving it alone. :) EX:

    • If you do happen to break a sugar block, no sweat. Just replace it and we can all move on. Leaving no sugar on the other hand will cause major problems and will have you banned from farmville. Just make it easy, fix any mistakes :D
    • K00sh has a guide for properly harvesting sugarcane at this link: ""
    • With the wheat farm, rules are a little different. You are expected to take what you need and replant the seeds of whatever you took. If you do not replant, you will be banned from farmville. It doesnt take long to replant, and you make money from replanting. Also, if u make farmed land turn to back to dirt, take a hoe and fix it. The excuse "i didnt have a hoe to fix the dirt" or "I didnt break it" is not an excuse i will take. Even if you didnt break it, fix it anyways to help the player after you use the farm.
    • Watermelon, only break the melon block and not the plant/vine. If you break it, just fix it. No harm if you fix it immediately. Treat the vine like wheat. You break it, you fix it.
    • Breaking any other blocks other than the plants will be considered grief. This includes glowstone, stone brick, dirt, torches, glass, etc.
    • There is no hopping over the fences to get into a different crop farm. This can result in possible dirt block dehydration.
    • No hopping in the wheat farm and watermelon farm. Doing so will result is immediate removal from facility.
    • When stone blocks are blocking doors, the farm is closed. Do NOT attempt to get into farm.
    • No setting home in the farm. Only place you are allowed to set a home is in the center structure, aka warp building. If you set a home outside the warp building, i will find out and you will be given one warning. Second time, you will be banned from farmville.
    This is the warp building that you will receive access to when you have properly applied.
    Lol, we have cakes(many thanks to 97deathmage)

    Any suggestions for rules or additions to this base is greatly appreciated. After the other sugar plantation, I am going to build a sheep/cow/pig facility. (haven't decided)

    By the way, rules are bound to change and it is the responsibility of Farmville users to stay updated with these rules.

    Update - 9/4/12 -
    • No PvP in Farmville, what so ever!
    • Added Cocoa Bean and Cactus Farm under Farmville. Can be accessed through trapdoor and all the way down the ladder. Replace whatever blocks you take for the next person to come along.
    • Added Stone Generator on second to lowest floor. Flip switch up to turn on generator and flip down to turn off. Make sure to keep switch down when you leave to prevent glitch.
    • Added underwater walkway for everyone to enjoy.
    Farmville Manager:
    Farmville Co-Managers:

    How to apply:

    Do You Agree To The Rules?: Yes or No?
  2. camedice98

    camedice98 Active Member

    lol, now that i got some sleep... i made so many grammatical errors.... :(
  3. John_overki11

    John_overki11 Retired Supporter

    1 suggestion for you, cocoa beans will be farmable in 1.3 so....I would love to help you set up a cookie factory if you will let me.
  4. seanpr

    seanpr Supporter

    Suggested new rule: Do not eat the cake.
  5. camedice98

    camedice98 Active Member

    Sure. Ive got a few ideas for farm locations around my warp. I love the suggestion and look forward to working with you on a cocoa bean farm. (then everyone can have a cookie :D) If anyone else has suggestions or constructive criticism, i appreciate the input.

    I would also like to remind that the farm is open to anyone. Just need to reply to this thread saying you have read the rules of Farmville.

    Edit: Thanks Sean, but im pretty sure since the build is WG, people cant touch the cakes... is they can, msg me in game. :D
  6. Garmramr

    Garmramr New Member

    IGN: Garmramr
    Rank: Pioneer
    Faction: Skillers
    Do You Agree To The Rules?: Yes or No? Of course i do! (or yes if that isn't acceptable..)
    (and mail me the two numbers hidden in the photos. do not post in application)
  7. camedice98

    camedice98 Active Member

    Ok, Garmramr. I will add you to the farm. Make sure to follow the rules so other players can enjoy the farm too. Have Fun! :)
  8. camedice98

    camedice98 Active Member

    You have full access to the Wheat, Sugar and Watermelon farms. Have fun! :D
  9. Thomas McL

    Thomas McL Supporter

    Rank:SuprimeWarrior (soon to be poineer)
    Faction: CripSpider
    Do You Agree To The Rules?: Yes
  10. camedice98

    camedice98 Active Member

    Ill add u to doors when i am next online. Have Fun In Farmville :D
  11. b3astp1ay3r

    b3astp1ay3r Supporter

    IGN: b3astp1ay3r
    Rank: Leader
    Faction: Underdog
    I agree to the rules
  12. K00SH

    K00SH Supporter

  13. cowttrim

    cowttrim Well-Known Member

    Do i still has perms for it >_> <_<

    PAVANVKATT New Member

    Rank: Leader
    Faction: PVPxDEVINE
    Do You Agree To The Rules?: Ya! I do :D
  15. camedice98

    camedice98 Active Member

    Ill give you both Perms to the doors next time im online. :D
  16. Thomas McL

    Thomas McL Supporter

    IGN: ThomasMclaughry
    Rank: Leader
    Faction: CripSpider
    Do You Agree To The Rules?: YES
  17. megaminer3

    megaminer3 New Member

    IGN: megaminer2
    Rank: farmer
    Faction: Skillers
    Do You Agree To The Rules?: Yes or No? Yes
  18. Sadderday

    Sadderday Supporter

    IGN: Sadderday
    Rank: Titan
    Faction: Beyond
    Do You Agree To The Rules? YES
  19. camedice98

    camedice98 Active Member

    You have full access to farmville. Thanks for reading the rules :D

    You have access to farmville. Congratz on Titan! :)
  20. Quincy

    Quincy Member

    IGN: NomNomCorp
    Rank: Leader
    Faction: Beyond
    Do You Agree To The Rules?: Yes

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