Samzone's Leader Application.

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Should Samzone be leader?

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  1. Yes.

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  2. No.

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    I, thesamzone am requesting to be considered for the rank of leader.

    'Were you banned in the last 7 days?'

    'We're you ever banned? If so, for what?'
    Banned for having a black listed block (spawner). I see the error in my ways and it won't happen again.

    'What is your current rank?'

    'What is your current power level?'
    2762 - may have changed since this was been posted.

    'What would make you a good leader?
    I believe that I would make an excellent leader as I have many leadership quality's - I have played on this server for over a year now and I feel that I have made many good connections with the players on mutiny craft. I have shown (most of the time) to be a mature guy that's doesn't go looking for trouble and is always will to help. I also believe that I will be able to manage a faction and have the abilities to make to tough decisions at the right times. However, being a leader isn't just about having leadership qualities. I will try to help all players at all times even if they are my enemies. i also will be respectful in doing so.
    I feel that I have matured a lot in the last couple months and think I am financially and mentally ready for the responsibilities of becoming a leader. If I do get the leader rank I will create a faction called om&m (this may not be the final choice on names). it will be a pvp faction that is based around a great community, economy and building. I look forward to finding out the results of this poll in the hope of one day, creating my own faction and ultimately becoming commander. I hope that you accept me for the rank of leader but if you do feel that I am undeserving please leave a reason why in the comment section below, thankyou.
  2. JackTurbo95

    JackTurbo95 Supporter

    I like you, you are helpful and I think you will make a fantastic leader. I see you got banned, but people can change and you have seemed to have changed. Good luck!
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  3. megamind123

    megamind123 The kid down the block

    You are a cool guy, mature and you seem to have the intention of making a faction. I vote yes. Mac ftw

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  4. Josh L.

    Josh L. Active Member

    I judge by two main categories.
    Intent on making a faction: Yes.
    Maturity: Eh, but it's improving. Sorry for raiding you, but you maturely asked for your stuff back. Since I am a softie, if anyone asks me for their materials back, I will give them back. Sadly, I already used them at the time being, sorry about that.
    Anyways, you meet my requirements, just be careful with banned items, okay? You have my vote.
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    thanks guys, these are really positive comments and are really helpful in telling me what needs to get better.
  6. IPlayMinecraft51

    IPlayMinecraft51 New Member

    I usually don't say yes to people that have been banned before, but you are mature, nice, and I think you will be make a great faction leader.
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  7. K00SH

    K00SH Supporter

    Hell yeah Sam! Good luck :D
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  8. zada274

    zada274 Active Member

    You got my vote :)
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  9. LordCornbread

    LordCornbread Active Member

    Good luck Sam! Voted yes :)
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  10. Good luck Samzone voted yes :3 hope you make it :D!:cat:
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  11. Jackalo

    Jackalo Supporter

    I approve.
  12. Vikings2-0

    Vikings2-0 Active Member

    I got the last vote my life is now complete
  13. Araessa

    Araessa Active Member

    25 votes achieved, locked on request.
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