Rmoriarty's Leader Application

Discussion in 'Leader Promotion Request' started by rmoriarty, Jul 31, 2020.


Will you vote yes on my leader app?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. rmoriarty

    rmoriarty Supporter

    I, rmoriarty am requesting to be considered for the rank of Leader.

    Were you banned in the last 7 days?
    Were you ever banned from the server? If yes, for what?
    What is your current rank?
    What is your current power level?
    Why would you make a good leader?
    I would make a good leader because I have leadership skills. I have never been banned and I am a positive influence on ALL I encounter in the server! My personal life has been filled with leadership roles. As a youngen, I was in Boy Scouts, where I became the senior patrol leader, which essentially encompassed running the troop apart from financials. At 17 I became a Shift Lead at the restaurant I was at, the youngest that had ever happened. I managed labor costs, food costs, and maintaining order and quality among my subordinates in a respectful manner. I have always wanted leader on MutinyCraft, it has been a literal childhood dream, so getting leader would allow me to part with the server at peace.
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  2. DAChubon

    DAChubon Active Member

  3. horseftw

    horseftw Well-Known Member

    He is a very friendly player, I voted yes :):cowboy-troll::problemo::troll::lol-guy::lol-guy::lol-guy::lol-guy::happy-cry::girl-troll::falol::dumb::happy::oh::oman-request::blackeye::borg::brb::bag::arghh::rolleyes::oman::okay::oh::not-bad::not-bad::not-bad::not-bad::no::no::happy-cry::girl-troll::like-a-boss:
  4. Lordpiecrust

    Lordpiecrust Well-Known Member

  5. Preven

    Preven I might be crazy, but you like it! Staff Member Moderator

  6. iLizzy

    iLizzy Staff Member Architect Moderator Supporter

  7. cakeislife

    cakeislife Retired

  8. I_Hate_Lag_

    I_Hate_Lag_ Staff Member Support Admin Wiki Team Supporter

  9. Konstruckt

    Konstruckt Well-Known Member

    "You are required to write at least 100 words as to why you would make a good leader on MutinyCraft."

  10. rmoriarty

    rmoriarty Supporter

    what r u talking about its 126 :)
  11. Zombiekittey

    Zombiekittey Zomberator Supporter Retired

  12. Smelter_Demon

    Smelter_Demon Staff Member Moderator Supporter

  13. VaporousTrue

    VaporousTrue YOU HACK BRO???? Staff Member Moderator

    Grats on leader. You will be ranked up when an SA+ is online.
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