Remember To Vote Nov. 8th

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by TRYD, Nov 3, 2016.

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  1. TRYD

    TRYD Active Member

    I know this will likely be locked however i want to stress how important voting for your candidate is, if you think the elections are stupid it doesn't matter, democracy isn't a given right it is a privilege embrace it.

    I don't know if you're choosing Trump or Hillary, or any other candidate however before you do vote PLEASE check your facts, do your research and make sure your choice is not influenced by peer pressure or other peoples opinions but facts and evidence, form your own opinion and decide for yourself and do not let anyone else pressure you into voting for something you do not fully stand for.

    People have died in wars for your right to vote, it really is not a birth-right but something that should be defended and cherished, the fact you can choose who your leaders are instead of the leaders choosing for you, do not waste your chance to be part of democracy, always cherish it.
  2. Jigsaw

    Jigsaw Staff Member Administrator Founder Developer

    Yes, if you are of voting age please exercise your right to vote. That being said, I don't want this post to turn from a PSA to something negative which can easily happen with political talk.
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