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Can I Be Leader?

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  1. punkrocks_rules

    punkrocks_rules Active Member

    I, punkrocks_rules am requesting to be considered for the rank of Leader.

    Were you banned in the last 7 days?
    were you ever banned from the server? If yes, for what?
    what is your current rank?
    what is your current power level?

    Why would you a good leader?

    I would make a good leader because I am a nice person and I would love to try to be a good role model and help old and new players on the server.

    If I got leader I would try 99% to be a good and better player, but the other 1% would just be a few mistakes not many, I do want a faction don’t get me wrong I would love a faction I even have a base made for when I had chocolate, if I had a faction it would be a peaceful one but before I go for a faction I would read the rules (I only know the old rules of factions) and also I would need to fix the base up since I want to make some major and minor things to it.

    If I had a faction I would call it Eclipse, in the faction there would be rooms people can rent out for a few days also I would have no f mods many have just left the faction for no reason what so ever, I would also make a private farm for only the faction members and you would have to be added to a iron door, if I found that a member has let people who aren’t members of the faction use it I would remove them from the door of the farm and I would need to try and get my trust back. I also would like to put in a faction shop were the faction members can make money but that would be in the faction base that would also be at a different warp.
  2. kawiforlife

    kawiforlife Supporter

    So I take it you're staying now? ;o
  3. punkrocks_rules

    punkrocks_rules Active Member

    i did do a returning app i thought the thing i needed to take care of was gonna be longer sorry
  4. punkrocks_rules

    punkrocks_rules Active Member

    instead of just putting no can you actaully tell me why
  5. kawiforlife

    kawiforlife Supporter

    You get a yes from me, It's not like you really do anything that bad you're just a really negative person. But yes from me.
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  6. dgallegos2

    dgallegos2 Supporter

    We'll I can't vote on tapatalk lol but I have a question: what makes your peaceful faction better than Legion or Zombies or KFA etc..? There are tons of peacefuls and it could be hard to get members because the other factions have things like isn't farms or spawners and stuff like that.

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  7. punkrocks_rules

    punkrocks_rules Active Member

    i can try :D
  8. dgallegos2

    dgallegos2 Supporter

    I'll vote yes but I'm just curious why it was goin to be different :p

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  9. iLizzy

    iLizzy Staff Member Architect Moderator Supporter

    I will never vote yes if someone is making a peaceful faction. I HATE PEACEFUL IT'S A PVP SERVER AND IT HAS MORE PEACEFUL FACTION THEN PVP!
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  10. punkrocks_rules

    punkrocks_rules Active Member

    thank you :D
  11. punkrocks_rules

    punkrocks_rules Active Member

    thought leedle was peaceful or used to be
  12. dgallegos2

    dgallegos2 Supporter

    No, Leedle is just a random faction. It's always been PvP :p

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  13. iLizzy

    iLizzy Staff Member Architect Moderator Supporter

    If it's peaceful why will I be in it? Derp
  14. iLizzy

    iLizzy Staff Member Architect Moderator Supporter

    I will not vote until I got a good reason why I should vote thanks
  15. punkrocks_rules

    punkrocks_rules Active Member

    i put a good reason ilizzy
  16. iLizzy

    iLizzy Staff Member Architect Moderator Supporter

    Eh that reason is good but i dun think i can give it's okay i just keep it in non vote
  17. punkrocks_rules

    punkrocks_rules Active Member

    ok id ont mind
  18. Itarotchi

    Itarotchi Wub-Wub-Master

    Voted yes, but if you make your faction and disband it again and get deranked I won't vote yes again.
  19. VaporousTrue

    VaporousTrue YOU HACK BRO???? Staff Member Moderator

    I vote yes. Because I think you will make a good leader and your making peaceful faction. Best of luck on getting leader.
  20. I_Hate_Lag_

    I_Hate_Lag_ Staff Member Support Admin Wiki Team Supporter

    Voted yes this time, last time I voted you led chocolate for a few days then disbanded. If you disband another faction again, and reapply for leader, I will vote differently next time.

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