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Discussion in 'News from the Admin' started by Jigsaw, Jun 17, 2014.

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    Greetings everyone,

    I just felt the need to write a quick note to anyone who views this forum. There seems to be a select number of players who have decided that MutinyCraft is no longer the server for them. That is fine and everyone is free to play whatever Minecraft server they enjoy playing on. I actually encourage everyone to at least try other servers and find one that best fits you. There is never going to be a one size fits all server and that is just how it will always be. This is one thing that people need to realize.

    I'm going to list a few things that have really bothered me in the hopes that it will open the eyes of people who read it. I don't try to talk down to people and that is not my intention with this post. My hope is that you simply read what I have to say and think about it. Agree or disagree that is up to you.

    There are too many rules

    There needs to be rules in order to ensure a fair experience for all of the players. If people know how they are expected to act upfront it avoids confusion. People cannot possibly agree with every rule, but they will appreciate the rules much more when they help enhance your experience here.

    This server is a dictatorship

    This a privately owned and funded server. As such it does not make sense to use the term dictatorship to describe such an entity. If you don't know what a dictatorship is I suggest you read up on it. This server has no control of you or what you do. You are free to do as you please, but while you are utilizing this privately owned entity you are expected to act a certain way as defined by our rules. If you fail to act in accordance with our rules or you bring a negative atmosphere with you to the server you can be banned. This is not a dictatorship by any stretch. It is a private game server that has rules. Weird to think about it that way, right?

    The staff all suck up to Jigsaw

    This is one of the funniest things I hear from time to time. Many of the staff members can tell you firsthand that they put up a fight with me on many issues. This includes promotions, events, builds, or other server things. I don't lose my mind and ban them for disagreeing with me contrary to some of your beliefs. Ultimately this is my server and I do have final say. That doesn't mean all the staff members will agree with me and that is fine with me. Differing of opinions is a good thing.

    The server is dying

    The server has had its ups and downs for the past 3 years it has been online. It doesn't show any sign of dying soon, but I can understand why some people think this. When a group of players leaves it may feel like the server is losing popularity. However, this has happened time and time again and the server is still here. Players will come and go. Just because one group of players decides to move on that doesn't mean anything about the overall server.

    Jigsaw is a bad owner

    I can't really comment on this since I am a little biased. :) I will still make a few points. If you honestly think I am such a bad owner why did you play here to begin with? I have not changed much in my ways since I started this server (even though people have made that argument for 2 1/2 years). There are times I may seem strict, but I have always been like that. You have to remember that I am paying out of my own pocket for this server, so why in the world would I allow someone to disrespect the server or myself and just accept it? Disrespect me and you aren't welcome here. It is that simple. That isn't being a dictator. That is standing up for yourself and not allowing people to influence your core values. Deal with it.


    You may have read this post and thought "what a joke" or you may have read this post and thought "it kinda makes sense". Either way you can figure out for yourself how this post speaks to you.

    One final thing that I would like to say. If you choose to leave this server (or really any server) just leave and move on. You don't need to start acting all dramatic and making posts/comments about how bad things are and how horrible the server is. This really only makes you look silly to other players who do enjoy playing here. I'm confident, even if some of you are still young, you can act mature and leave with a little respect and dignity still in place. If you choose not to leave in that matter then so be it.

    Thanks for your time.

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